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Compare Best cashback credit cards in UAE 2024

Do you want to earn the most cash back possible from your credit card? Compare cashback credit cards for your lifestyle and find cards with a high cash rebate on gas, grocery, air tickets, and all other purchases.Earn up to 10% cashback on your everyday spending. Compare all cashback credit cards now.

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What Is a Cashback Credit Card, And How Does It Work?

Cashback Credit Cards are a powerful and easy way to get cashback on your everyday purchases. They work in a similar way to other credit cards, with the added advantage of offering cash rewards while you shop. 

 There are different types of cashback that include: 
 Flat-Rate Cash Back Credit Card 
Flat-rate cash back credit cards offer the same percentage of cashback on every purchase. It is the simplest type of cashback credit card  that pays the same amount regardless of the spending category. 
It is ideal for people whose purchase habits are not limited to a certain category; instead spawned across all of them. A flat-rate cashback credit card comes with a single rewards rate, and you acquire a specific amount on everything that you purchase.
Bonus Category Cash Rewards Cards
A bonus category cash back credit card provides higher cashback or rewards rates for a specific category during particular times. 
It continues to change at certain intervals and pays a flat rate on each category spent.  To avail the maximum benefit out of this card, you will have to closely monitor the information that your bank might send to you regarding the changes in the offer.
Tiered Cashback Credit Card

The latter is defined as points, cash, or miles that you can acquire over the base reward rate. Generally, accelerated reward categories encompass groceries, dining, gas, travel, etc.

Top 5 Cashback Credit cards in UAE 2024 ( January Updated)


Credit Card

Annual Fee (AED)

Minimum Salary (AED)


Citibank Citi Cashback Card

    Free for 1 year



Mashreq Bank Cashback Card

Free for Life



FAB Cashback Card




RAK Titanium Credit card

Free for Life


           Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD Platinum Credit card



Features and Benefits of Cash Back Credits Cards in UAE

Availing valuable information allows individuals to filter out cashback cards that are worth choosing for. Here are some important benefits and features of cashback credit cards.
Higher Returns
The returns provided by a cashback credit card UAE is one of the key aspects for every individual. Most of the cashback credit offers at least a 1% return. It means that for every 100 Dirhams, you get one Dirham. Moreover, some cards provide a better offer rate if you make transactions at pre-listed retail stores.
No Annual Fee
Generally, there are no annual fees associated with the top cashback credit cards. It implies that you will not have to give away your rewards to fees. Additionally, you can also have a card without any fee if, in the future, you decide to use a different credit card. It is worthwhile as the long history of credit cards improves your credit score.
Note- certain cashback credit cards charge an annual fee. When you are comparing the options from the out list, make sure to check the annual fees.
Shopping Benefits
Some cashback credit cards provide benefits that protect your purchases and save money. These benefits comprise extended warranties, advertised price match, return guarantee, cell phone protection, etc. The features provided by the credit card company vary, so ensure that you read the details carefully.
Sign-up Bonuses
Similar to travel reward credit cards, a lot of cash back credit cards provide a sign-up bonus if you comply with the minimum spending limit within the initial months. These bonuses can be substantial in value.

Ultimate Cashback Credit Card Collection for Comparison

Credit cards offer an avalanche of benefits. And cashback received from credit cards is among the most popular benefits that cardholders enjoy. Considering the popularity, almost all card lenders offer cashback credit card in UAE. 

The tons of options make it challenging for people to look and compare for options. This is where Compare4Benefit plays a pivotal role for credit card seekers. This is an extensive platform where you will have all types of credit cards with all the necessary details regarding them. 
You can choose the type of credit that you want, look and compare through the options, and make the best decision.

How to Redeem Cash Back?

There are different ways to redeem the cashback rewards that you have collected. Some of the common methods include statement credit, deposit to the bank account, toward travel, purchase of gift cards, donation, etc.  

The kind of options that you have the requirements you need to meet before redeeming the reward will depend on the type of card and issuer.
Statement credits are among the standard cashback redemption ways because the term is implied to act as a credit against the existing balance of the credit card. 
It provides you with a simple and easy way to save money in the long run. However, since they are linked to the card account, the method lacks flexibility over the direct deposit.
Moreover, some cards provide automatic cashback redemption in the value through the method you have specified. Statement credits, direct deposits, checks, etc., provide you with the complete value of the rewards. However, other forms of redemption methods, such as donations, gift cards, may only get to a fraction of the value of the rewards.

Why Choose Compare4Benefit To Find Your Cashback Credit Card?

Giving You a Systematic Search

Compare4Benefit has an interface that allows you to make your search as systematic as possible. Apart from choosing the type of credit card, you can further streamline your search to get precise results. You can add your occupation, monthly income, features and benefits banks, etc., to acquire a more precise result. It will help you to get card options that are useful to you.
Be Aware of the Criteria
We do not merely provide a list of the credit cards but ensure that you have all the necessary information regarding the same. Each credit card section encompasses valuable details that include rate, minimum salary, annual fee, etc. This will allow you to make a well-informed decision regarding the credit card.

Factors To Consider When Applying For A Cashback Credit Cards In UAE

Following are the things that you should consider before applying for a cashback credit card UAE:
Eligibility For Spending
Some cards come with minimum spend limitations. This means that the cardholder must spend a specific amount to be able to qualify for a cashback credit card. Therefore, when choosing a cashback credit card, consider the spend eligibility requirement by different providers.
The cashback you get from a credit card may be valid for a specific time period. Ensure that you use the cashback prior to the expiration date.
Upper Limits
Similar to the minimum spend limit, banks generally have the maximum amount of cashback that a cardholder can receive. In order to protect from any future dispute, make sure you understand the maximum limit carefully and spend accordingly.
Fine Prints
Cashback credit cards come with a lot of small prints that contain important details. Reading through this fine print, you may find out that the cashback is only available at certain retail purchases. 
There might be many other details that may impact your cashback benefits. This is why it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully.

How To Make The Most Of Cashback Credit Card in Dubai?

Following are the ways that will help you to make most of cashback credit card UAE:
Pick The Right Card - When it comes to cash-back credit cards, there are many options. The length of the introductory offer and annual fee can vary widely among them. Make sure you pick a card that will give you enough time at no charge to actually earn some rewards before paying an annual fee.
Pay Your Monthly Bill - If you can't pay your monthly bill in full, consider using cash-back credits to cover the difference. That way, you'll get more of a reward on every AED that's actually spent.
Use Cashback Credit Card For Big Purchases- Some cash-back credit cards offer a higher percentage of rewards for certain categories, such as groceries or gas. Use your card for these types of expenses and maximize the value you get from it by paying off the balance every month before interest is charged.
Make Everyday Purchases - If you want to get the most value from your cash-back credit card, consider using it for everyday expenses. This will allow you to earn rewards on every purchase and pay off your balance at no interest before anything is charged.

Cash Back Versus Travel Credit Cards

Many people are drawn to cash-back credit cards because they offer a straightforward proposition. You spend money, and you get rewards in the form of cashback on your purchases.
In this way, these cards have an inherent simplicity that some travelers may appreciate when making decisions about how best to make use of their travel spending every year.
However, not everyone understands that cash-back cards usually carry annual fees. This is something to take into account if you are someone who wants a card with no strings attached or one without an annual fee. 
You will want to compare the rewards earned on your spending and the charges associated with each credit card before making this decision.
In contrast to cash-back cards, travel credit cards typically offer a myriad of benefits beyond just the rewards. These can include free checked bags on flights and hotel points for cardholders that are redeemable at any time without blackout dates or other restrictions.
 You will also gain access to airport lounges, which may be hard to make sense of as a benefit if you are not flying frequently.
If you want to make sure that your new credit card does everything possible for the way in which you use it, travel cards may be right for you. 
These also have an added perk of giving travelers more flexibility with their rewards points so they can redeem them at any time.
Frequently Asked Question on Cashback Credit cards
Is a higher cash back rate that has a lower annual fee better than a lower cashback rate that has no annual fee?
The answer to this question depends on your spending behavior and the features of the card. It is only profitable if the cashback you receive meets the annual fees.
Will I get cash back for the shopping done using the cashback point?
No, you will not get a cashback point in this case. This is because cashback is only provided when you use the credit card to make the transaction and then repay the amount to the bank.
Is there cashback on exceeding the credit card limit?
If you go above the credit cap, your bank will not provide you with cashback. Prior to making any transactions that touch your credit card cap, ensure to check with the provider.
Will I get cashback on cash withdrawal?
Generally, credit card companies do not provide cash back on withdrawing cash.
Can you really get unlimited cashback?
There is no unlimited cashback credit card. Banks often put some restrictions on the cashback that they offer. The kind of limitations vary based on bank policies.