Planning to buy a New or Used Car? Our Car Finance Calculator is a great tool which will remove the confusion and can help you determine your monthly finance repayments as well as the total Interest/profit which you need to pay over the period of your finance tenure.

The result page will provide you detail list which includes your initial deposit amount, monthly payment, total interest/profit. The list of Car finance, which you can compare to get the best deal for you. Compare4Benefit car finance calculator delivers more than you expect.

How to use Car Finance Calculator

  • 1. Enter the required fields: Enter car price, down-payment in Percentage (min. 20%), flat interest rate/profit rate & tenure of the finance (max. 5 years).
  • 2. Check your Repayment: Compare4Benefit will show the clear break-up of all the charges and down-payment amount required to take car finance.
  • 3. Apply online for Mortgage: Based on the information provided, the result page will provide you the list of car finance to apply online.
Your Monthly Payment is AED /Month
Payment Breakdown
AED 2,914
AED 8,000
AED 874,283
AED 4,567
AED 96,421
AED 495,712
AED 387,849