What are the Types of Car Insurances?

By now, you know that you cannot drive a car in Dubai without insurance. Every year, the policy must be renewed, and it is important to have all the relevant information before you can take the final call. As far as car insurance policies in Dubai are concerned, you have four major choices. Below is a quick overview of each for your help.

Collection of personal information

  • - Third Party Liability Insurance. This is the mandatory car insurance cover you must have in Dubai, and therefore, it is also the cheapest of all options. This kind of insurance covers damage to other cars and people caused by the insured vehicle. However, with such insurance cover, you won’t have any cover for your vehicle. In case of an accident, the repair bills remain a liability of the owner.
  • - Basic Comprehensive Policy. If you have an expensive or new vehicle, this is by far the best choice for you. Apart from third-party damage cover, this policy will cover for your car’s repair costs, as well. As far as value for money is concerned, this is easily the better choice and covers the damage caused to your car by other factors, such as lightening, theft or fire.
  • - Third Party Liability Insurance with additional fire and theft coverage. This is similar to the first one on our list. You have Third Party Liability Insurance, which is mandatory, but with add-ons like fire and theft protection for your own vehicle. This doesn’t cost as much as comprehensive policies, but is more expensive than Third Party Liability Insurance.
  • - Comprehensive policy with add-ons. A bunch of add-ons are offered by insurance companies, which can help in extending the cover and aspects of your car insurance, but for an extra cost. The final price is dependent on the number of add-ons that you eventually agree to pay for.

Some insurers also offer Premium Comprehensive Policy for expensive cars, including models from luxury brands and sports range. The premiums are higher by many times but these are more comprehensive, and therefore, every aspect of expensive car requirements is taken care of. Consider the value of your car and what you wish to spend before taking the final call. We also recommend that you check our website to find the number of add-on insurance options, so as to evaluate the choices better. For any help or assistance, feel free to contact our team.