Documents Required for New Car Insurance Policy

Congratulations on your new car! However, before you can take your new purchase for a ride in Dubai, you must get car insurance, which is mandatory by law. The basic car insurance is a third-party claim insurance, which covers the cost of damages caused to other vehicles or people by your insured car. offers all the options you may need to compare quotes, but to get the policy, a list of documents must be submitted. Keep in mind that insurers are very specific about these requirements, and to get the policy within an hour as we promise, having these documents handy is always recommended.

For your benefit, brings an easy checklist

  • - Your name. If you are a national, you can choose to give a copy of your Emirates ID. Expats can submit a copy of their passport with the valid visa page.
  • - DOB. The document submitted above is enough for this purpose.
  • - Vehicle details. This includes information about the make, model and year of manufacture of the concerned model. For this, you can choose to submit a copy of the vehicle registration document. Please note that both sides of the document must be submitted. A few insurers may require RTA Certificate of Transfer.
  • - A confirmation letter is also needed to prove that the car is compliant to GCC specifications.
  • - As applicable, a No Claims Discount certificate must be presented, as well. This is important when you are renewing your car insurance. The certificate proves that the car owner has not registered a claim, which helps in getting a significant discount. Insurers in Dubai usually have a no-claim bonus, though norms can vary. allows you to compare quotes from different car insurers, and you can upload electronic copies of the abovementioned documents online. This can hardly take more than a few minutes, and once the insurer has got the documents, the insurance will be issued and sent to you in less as 59 minutes. Please note that we do not stock or keep any of your documents. The requirements are standard and we follow the norms as required by insurers. We insist that you keep a couple of copies handy for all documents at all times in your car, as well. Our team is always around to answer your queries, in case you need to know more on the content above. Check to get your car insurance quotes for free!