Making a claim – What you need to know!

The aftermath of a car accident can be a complicated one, and amidst the chaos, you will have to ensure that the insurance claim is made as per norms. We have simplified the whole process for your help below.

Get your documents ready:

You need a basic set of documents together to move ahead with the claim. The list includes –

  • - The original policy
  • - Copy of the vehicle registration
  • - Copy of your driver’s license

Always check the paperwork:

It is important that you spend considerable time in reading the documents and papers that came with the insurance policy. This just helps in understanding the cover better and what you might be entitled to get as a part of the benefits. In many cases, people presume that they have paid for a certain add-on when they haven’t. If required, talk to the insurance company.

Share insurance information when required:

In case another car was involved in the accident, it makes sense to share the information with the other party. Depending on the policy you have, you may want to check if the following is included –

  • 1. Replacement Vehicle. Some policies have the add-on, where a replacement vehicle is given to the policy holder when the insured vehicle is damage or has away for repairs.
  • 2. Personal Accident Cover. This is usually a part of the comprehensive policies and covers for your medical expenses and losses when you are involved in an accident. Keep in mind that this kind of cover can be restricted but can be really handy in most situations when you are in the car during a mishap.
  • 3. Legal Cover. It should be noted that car insurance policies cannot offer legal cover legally, but some do have some scope for this. Please check if you can get legal help and if yes, do seek advice.

Understanding the access:

Most car owners often don’t know what policy excess means in the first place. This is basically the amount that one needs to pay when making the claim. It is more like accepting and paying a part of the damage/loss/risk. It must be noted that policy excess can be different with different insurance companies, so you need to find the actual amount as stated in your policy. Do note that policy excess is only payable when the accident has occurred due to your mistake or fault. You can also check with your insurance company to know more.