UAE Police provide amazing tips on car’s cruise control failure


Abu Dhabi police have gone through a number of cases involving car cruise control fails and rescuing affected in the recent months and they have come up with a set of guidelines for motorists to help them control the car’s cruise fails.

A few days earlier in Abu Dhabi, police officials risked their life in saving a driver preventing him from a deadly road accident. It was reported that the brakes of the driver’s four wheeler stopped working at 130kmph on a highway.

In an another accident that was reported two months ago, a woman’s car cruise failed and was stuck in the car in Umm Al Quwain. Her car had gone out-of-control but was fortunately rescued.

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The police have posted on their Instagram official account on how the motorists should react in case their car went out-of-control. Police say that motorists shouldn’t panic and make sure their seat-belt is on. Switching on the hazard lights is important, and call 999 for help.

Here is the set of guidelines for motorists provided by Abu Dhabi Police on their Instagram account:

1. Put the neutral gear on and switch off the engine.

2. For old model cars, motorists should use the ignition keys to switch off the engine. For advanced car models, motorists should push and suppress the start button for a long time until the engine turns off.

3. If that fails, motorists should put the neutral gear on and push on the brakes firmly and steadily until the car eventually stops.

4. If the previous method fails, motorist can use the handbrake and pull up while firmly holding the steering wheel.

5. If all methods fail, motorists must change the gear setting between (N) and (D) repeatedly.

6. If any of the previous methods work before a patrol car reaches, the motorist should stop the car off the road and make sure they are safe and wait for the arrival of the concerned units.

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