13 Essential Checklist for First-time Car Buyers

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Purchasing a car involves a tedious process, and you consider every prospect from ˜Insurance to Finance' to ˜Research to test driver'. One can’t just choose the car once it gets released, the car lovers spend months or years to select their preferred car and get it after many struggles.

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Essential Checklist for First Time Car-Buyers

However, choosing the car can be simple if you make a checklist based on your requirements, so here are some of the essential list for the first time car buyers.

1. Know your requirements

Once you have the idea of purchasing a car, you need to know what your requirements are, and you should know the right type of car you are going to choose from the various models and manufacturers out there.

Decide which car will choose your needs, budgets and other vital factors, know about their price, colour, trims, cost, safety features available, cupholder size, reviews, etc.

Once you have decided on the car models, compare them with different manufacturers and then choose the that will suit you best.

2. Decide what type of features you need.

After deciding the car make sure you have all the required features that car should include

— Know the use of a car, for what purpose you are going to use them, what features you need in the vehicle for making your trip easier and comfortable.

— Determine the nonnegotiable factors like safety, whether the car will provide the needed gas mileages and know the things like a moon roof, swivel seats, etc. indulged in the car model.

— You cant stick with the same car that you prefer for your work to the purpose of business activities like realtor as city roads vary entirely when compared with the rural country roads.

— To know the best out of best car manufacturer and vehicle research for the awards they received and other evaluations like ranking, accolades of the vehicle from the industry so that you can get to know about the detailed picture of the car you choose.

3. Determine your car budget

Before you search for the different models knows the budget you are having for the car. There are many vehicle cost calculators available online so that you can determine the cost of the car you are going to purchase along with the loans and taxes.

In the list, you should also determine the factors like repair cost, maintenance, insurance, gas and much more. If you are on a limited budget then you can ask your vehicle manufacturer regarding the ideas, they will help for the maximum benefits to avail.

4. What type of car are you going to Purchase? New or Used vehicle

Once you determine your budget, you can decide if you are going to prefer the new one or the used car. If your budget is limited, you can make use of some of the best used vehicles on the market.

You can find the deals on used cars from the vehicle manufacturer or even online, and you can choose a rental car and try it out before getting the car you prefer to choose.

5. Are you going to purchase as Buy, Finance or for Lease?

— If you have enough cash in your hand, then you can prefer the Buy option for getting your chosen car.

— In the case of making a low down payment and are looking for the affordable cost to pay monthly, you can choose the Finance option. This is best for the one who always drives and causes a tear and wears quickly.

— If you are in a plan of driving the car for three to five years, want to keep your vehicle under the vehicle manufacturer warranty by traveling less than 12,000 miles per year then Lease option would be the best choice in this circumstance.

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6. Decide whether you are going to purchase from a Dealership or a private company?

The above choice is considered to be necessary as the rules for both vary entirely, you can look out the rules and conditions from your dealership persons or online to determine which would be the best option for your needs, Know the value and then go for the right decision.

7. Know the Values before opting for a car

Before purchasing the car, you need to you need to look out some of the value like

— Domestic or Foreign?
— Gas powered or another similar energy vehicle?
— Minivan or anti-minivan family cars?

8. Adapting to the newest and trendier technologies

Always prefer the car with all the necessary safety features and based on the present trends and models to experience a newer level of experience.

There is a vast improvement in the active and passive features of the vehicle at present when compared to the old modelled cars.

You can consider some critical safety technological development like bicycle detection, lane departure warning, hill descent assist, etc. in the car you are purchasing.
Check whether the car you purchase includes all the latest luxuries and gadgets like automatic messages, steering tablets, etc.

9. Window Shopping will work out.

You should decide the picks of the car by doing a window shopping rather than knowing them online. Look for the dealerships available in your area online, confirm them through a call and then reach store for reviewing the car you are going to buy. By doing so, you can bargain and go for the flexible budget once you have decided to get them for sure.

10. Figuring out the Fair Market Price of the car you choose

You can try out some online tools for finding the market price of the car you are going to choose.

11. Insurance

Make sure you choose the right insurances for your car and pick the one with lesser premium rates with maximum advantages.

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12. Finance

Look for the private financing once you have decided the car to purchase, know the cheap rates that banks offer and prefer to choose the bank that provides the best offer for you.
There is an option for choosing your quotes if you are selecting the dealer for financing, so this has to be decided from your side.

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13. Shopping

Different offers are available for a specified period, so when you are going to purchase a car, you should know the right time you will have the availability of best offers from the company.
— The best time for shopping your car falls on the July and December.
— Purchase the cars at the end of the month to get the most benefits with offers.
— Buying car during holiday sales is best to save your money.

If you have decided to buy the car from the dealership, then make sure you at least three to four different dealers to choose the right one.

Hope the above simple checklist will help you in choosing the right vehicle for you with all included benefits.

Any other Checklists to be added above? You can leave it in the comment section below so that we can add them to our list for the customers to get benefited from them.