Top 6 Auto Insurance Questions Answered

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Everyone spends much time picking the suitable car they need based on their budget and other requirements.

Similarly one should know about all type of auto insurance and other importance before grabbing it by their side.

Top 6 crucial answers you need to know about the Auto Insurance.

What would you do if your car has been caught in an accident or other life-threatening problems? What if you have the wrong type of insurance for the issues? So it's essential to check out the insurance before you get them, to ensure this you should have known about the auto insurance types.

1. Types of Auto Insurance

Find below the four important Auto Insurance Types explained.

Auto Insurance Types CTP Third Party Insurance Third Party, Fire, and Theft Comprehensive
Death/Injuries to People Yes No No No
Destruction for other's Vehicle No Yes Yes Yes
Loss of car(fire or theft) or destruction to your car No No Yes Yes
Destruction for the car due to an accident in traffic. No No No Yes


The above table is the summary of the policies covered by the various auto Insurance.

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CTP (Compulsory Third Party) Insurance

The insurance will help if you have done some damages to someone’s car or the opposite person, the condition differs from one state to another, make sure to check for the details whether they work in your place before making it yours.

Third Party Property Damage

The insurance is considered to be the primary optimal auto insurance and offers the best financial cover in the case of any damage you have caused to the vehicle and not the person.

Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance

The insurance will help you in case if your car is stolen by thieves or when damaged due to fire accidents or any other issues.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

The top level and most expensive insurance which covers all things that all the above three insurance provides, apart from that this insurance also offers a vast range of options like replacement of windscreen, replacement vehicles and much more.

2. What are the Documents you need for getting a Car Insurance Policy in UAE?

Have the following documents in your hand when you go for applying for car insurance.

— The name of the applicant: National should provide their Emirates ID whereas expats should keep their passport copy ready along with the visa page.

— Date of Birth: The Documents you have submitted for ensuring your name is enough.

— Confirmation Letter: You will require this to ensure whether the car falls under the GCC Specifications Compliant.

— Details of the Vehicle: Have the needed documents that were provided during the registration, some insurance agents will ask for the RTA Certification for the purpose of transferring.

— No Claims Discount Certificate: The document is most needed for renewing your auto insurance, you will get a reasonable discount as this certificate will prove the owner of the car has not recorded a claim.

You will be able to upload all these documents online as per your comfort.

3. What are things required to get an auto insurance quote?

Most of the car insurer ask for the essential details like model of the car, making of the vehicle, manufactured year, vehicle registered date, car value at purchasing, car registration place in the US etc., based on this the insurer will offer the value of the car as per the current market rate, this is essential for determining the price of the insurance cover.

While considering non-personal pieces of information, when you visit a website the browser you are using, IP address, version of your OS (Operating System), the web page visited etc. get recorded. The personal details asked from the insurer includes contact details, Date of Birth, Applicant Name, License details, Nationality, claiming insurance details, Driver License UAE etc.

4. What are the Additional Covers offered by Car Insurance Companies?

In UAE, Third Party Insurance is must, and apart from that, there are also some extra insurance covers and features offered by an auto insurance company. The final price of the insurance is calculated only after choosing all the add-ons, some of the additional covers are as follows.

— Agency Repair: You can extend the coverage of agency repair up to five years through this add-on.

— Emergency Medical Expenses: The cover will provide the medical expense for the passengers or other persons in the car but within one day of the accident, there are few other limits too, and this can be clearly claimed as per the car insurance company you choose.

— Personal Accident Cover: The cover offers up to AED 200,000 per people if the passenger or people gets injured or dies in the accident.

— Off Road Cover: When your car is damaged during the off-road then you can make use of the covers to rectify it, people who prefer going long drives can go with this add-on.

— Personal Belongings Cover: The loss of any of your personal things can be claimed with this cover, you will be paid for the lost belongings.

— Roadside Assistance: To jump smart, part replacement and for vehicle towing you can make use of this on roadside assistance cover.

— Oman Extension: You need to check for the terms and conditions of the car insurance companies as few offers territorial coverages.

— GCC Cover: The cover deals with any theft or loss when traveling to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or Oman and this is based on the precise terms and conditions.

— Natural Calamities Cover: The cover can be useful when there is damage caused due to the natural calamities like earthquake, flood, storm etc.

— New Car replacement: You can go for this add-on as they offer replacement of your car within six months of purchase.

— Windscreen Cover: If there is any damage to your windscreen or other parts then this cover will be much useful.

— Theft and Fire Cover: If your vehicle is damaged due to theft or fire then this cover will offer the losses.

— Locks Replacement: You will be provided with the money for changing a new lock if your old lock has been stolen or damaged with this add-on.

— Dent Repair: The cover offers the cost for dent removal.

5. How can you make a claim when your vehicle is damaged?

There are some rules you have to follow when you claim for the damaged vehicle or passengers.

— Make sure you have the driver license copy, vehicle registration copy, and the original policy ready for claiming.

— Before claiming, make sure you have read the papers and document thoroughly so that you can be careful in getting the right covers.

— If there is another vehicle in the accident, then you need to share the information with them so that you will get your insurance claimed easily. Make sure you have the replacement vehicle, Personal Accident Cover, and Legal Cover so that claims can be processed in a shorter period.

— Many people do not understand the meaning of the policy excess, and this is something one needs to pay when claiming the insurance, the conditions may differ from each car insurance companies.

6. What are the Do's and Don’t when you are buying an Auto Insurance in Dubai?

When you create an account for claiming the insurance you will be required to provide your name, DOB, Phone number and other some of the personal information, if you feel that they would be unsafe then you have the rights to neglect it but there is a chance of not getting the complete feature of the website.

— Make sure you go for the best coverage rather than sticking with the cheapest premiums.

— The proverb Honesty is the best policy will suit best when claiming car insurance too, unsure whether you are sharing the right information with the insurance company to avail the right benefits.

— Check for both comprehensive policies and third party liability when claiming for the auto insurance, decide which one will be the best based on your situation.

— If you need for some extra add-ons, then you can check with the insurer whether they have the extra covers included in their policy.

— In the case of getting an old car, you need to check for the features that are included in the insurance so that you can understand what are the things covered, in some cases, the policy will not be transferable, and therefore you will have to face some difficulties in the future.

— Make sure you are not underinsuring the car as they will extend the claim date of your vehicle as well as last in dispute.

— Do not extend the plan of insurance renewing, make sure you are doing this on time without any breaks.

— Before claiming read out the terms and conditions correctly, in case of any doubts or confusion ask them immediately to the car insurers.

— Save the number of policy and roadside assistance for easy accessing.

Auto Insurances are made accessible, and you will be able to save your money through these car insurances. Below are some of the simple steps you need to do when claiming for car insurance.

Provide your personal, non-personal and other requirements needed for the better result, and you might need to fill a form online which take a couple of minutes to complete them.
The second step is to choose the right policy and make the payment without any confusion.
Once you have made the payment, your insurance policy will be processed, and they will ask for other relevant documents and papers listed before for completing the insurance claim.

Hope you have the received the answers for all the essential Auto Insurance Question you should be aware of from this blog.

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Are there any other important things you need to know when claiming your auto insurance? Ping us in the comments, we'll be right back with an answer.