Protecting your vehicle from the summer heat

Protecting from summer

The heat from sunlight would cause severe damages to your car, and many kinds of research prove this. The State Farm vehicle Research Facility has found in a test that the interior air temperature of the vehicle has been recorded as 145 degrees Fahrenheit and the internal surface temperature of the vehicle that is exposed to direct sunlight has been recorded as 195-degree Fahrenheit.

It doesn’t mean just the seats and dashboard you should focus on, apart from that your car engine, and the outlined shine are also on the risk when its exposed to the heat. You will not face this problem during the warm climate, but in the case of Summer months, it’s your responsibility to protect your vehicle from direct exposure to sunlight.

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Tips for Protecting your Car from Heat

Proceed below to find out the simple tips through which you can avoid your vehicle getting damaged or affected by summers heat.

How to Safeguard your parked vehicle from Heat?

When you park your vehicle, their steering wheels, dashboards, and car upholstery are exposed to the direct sunlight heat, and they get beamed easily. You cannot find a shaded place for your car to park if you are living in limited place options, so here are some of the practical things you can follow for making your vehicle protected from the sunlight.

Make Use of the Windshield Sun Share:

Windshields are something that can be folded in and out quickly, you can fold out for protecting your sun from heat and then wrap up quickly and store it in your vehicle beneath the seat.

Putting a shade means you can avoid your vehicle to get affected by the sun exposure and this reduces the maximum heat that falls on the car. You can make use of the front and back window shades for protecting your vehicle, this carry from the car models and manufacturers.

Safeguard the Dashboard and Upholstery using Products:

Products like Leather or Vinyl protectants are developed with additional layers so that they can neglect for too much heat to fall on the vehicle. This also enables your car to run smoothly as well as to keep in new every time you use them.

Prefer Tinted Windows:

Leaving your car in the direct exposure of sunlight will leave your car with many cracks and other severe damages along different parts of the vehicle namely dashboard, upholstery, etc. This can be easily avoided with the help of a practical option named Tinting.

The option for tinting is not acceptable in every state, and you need to know your state rules and regulations before getting any specific products for your vehicle. Tinted windows are not allowed in some of the countries due to the higher risk factors they evolve.

How to Park your Vehicle in the Shade?

If you are having an option of parking your car in the shade, then it would be the best idea to protect your sun from unwanted damages. Make sure you prefer indoor parking or any shady place under a tree etc. to park your car for avoiding the heat from the sunlight.

This type of ideas is possible in some places that have the car parked in leafy neighborhoods or a lined path along the area. At present, there is not much trees shade available so you can prefer choosing any building shade for protecting your car.

You can find the streets which has much building shades so that you can cover your car from heat the entire day.

Tips for checking your vehicle Battery:

Fluid evaporation takes place once your car is exposed to heat for an extended time and this will lead to decreased battery life. To avoid this, you need to add distilled water once your battery needs to be filled up again with any liquid to ups from stopping the severe issues.

Have a look over the coolants:

Topping up should be done regularly, you should wait for one to two hour to open the radiator car rather than opening them immediately.

Travelling during warm weather or cold climates:

You can do your driving practice up during any col climates, early morning and late evening would be a perfect choice as this makes the passengers and driver have a different and unique experience.

Interior Car Protection from Heat

While protecting your Interior make sure

— You park your vehicle in the shade.

— Making use of the Sun Protector Eg: Windshield.

— Make use of the Microfiber Cloth to wipe out the dashboard.

— Installing Seat covers for your cars.

— Make use of the conditioner to safeguard your leather seats.

Exterior Car Protection from Heat

While considering the exterior protection of your vehicle, you need to

— Wash your vehicle and dry them regularly.

— Making use of Wax for your car is also another best way to cover up your exteriors and to protect them.

— Always check your tire pressure as under-inflated tires and hot pavements results in Blowouts some cases.

Under Hood:

When it’s under the hood, you need to look over the :

Cooling System: This will help from overheating so make sure your cooling system is always in the proper working conditions. You should also drain your coolants and check for the belt. Replace the necessary things as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Fluids Rest:

The overheating of the car will increase if the fluid levels are decreasing below the manufacturer recommended standards, you need to check for the transmission fluids, motor oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid regularly if you feel something is not okay then make sure you change or replace them immediately.


High accessory and temperature loads will cause your battery to fail and wear out quickly, check for the complete charging system and the battery with the help of any mechanics who are expert at doing it.

Air Conditioning:

Staying cool does not mean it can keep you and your persons comfortable but also help in keeping you alert while driving. If your interior temperature is not cooling, then you need to check for the charge level in your refrigerant and treat is a severe issue if its low.

Excellent preventative maintenance will help you to keep your car in proper running condition, make sure you follow the above steps for keeping your vehicle protected from direct exposure to sunlight.

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Any other ways through which you can avoid excess heat falling onto your vehicle? Let you know through the comment section below.