7 tips to acquire safe and cheap car insurance in UAE

Cheap Car Insurance

The excitement of buying a new car, especially the first one, has no bounds. The added bonus of scoring the best and cheapest car insurance policy for your car implies you won big time. However, this enthusiasm must not be out down by landing on an insurance that looks great with excellent benefits but is actually a waste of money.

Unlike most products, the price of car insurance is not directly related to the quality of it. It may differ depending on a number of factors varying from age of customer to the type of the car purchased. Considering many factors, we have enlisted 7 major tips to acquire cheap car insurance policy in UAE.

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1. Research for best suited car:

The first step that is to be done before making any kind of purchase is to know about the choices. The best in market might not be best suited to your needs. Making an informed decision is the foremost task for making a responsible purchase.

The insurance cost will vary a lot depending on the type of car you purchase. The insurance of a high end car like the Range Rover will be a lot more than the basic model of Toyota.

This does not imply that in order to get leverage for a cheap insurance, you have to buy a cheap car. It just means that the best choice of the car should be done by considering the insurance amount also along with various factors like speed and mileage.

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2.Cross check every eligible car insurance:

Once the car is selected, ask around for the best suited car insurance policy and you will get ample amount of choices. Every choice of insurance may sound like the best one if advertised properly. So making a wise decision can be a little tough.

The safest thing to do is to compare every insurance policy with their pros and cons. After enlisting the pros and cons eliminate those who have more cons than pros or those which do not cover the basic necessities that you need. Now make a checklist that will cover all the details from basics to additional benefits that you need from the insurance.

Finally consider the cost of the insurance and its worthiness with the benefits. Ask for discounts offered and you will be surprised with the choices. Make a well informed choice by browsing every insurance policy and selecting only the one best suited at the cheapest rate.

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3. Be responsible for the safety of your car:

While talking about the safety of the car, it is not just considering the lock system but also the safe driving with reasonable parking.

The theft of a car costs more on the insurance than on you even with the very low chances. Now you can make a choice of not loading up on the insurance company while the car is thieved or had an accident. You can take the full responsibility thereby reducing on the excess cost.

This will drastically reduce the cost of your insurance amount. But opt for this option only if you are a hundred percent sure on your driving skills and can bet anything that the car will not be lost under your care.

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4. Mileage count matters a lot:

Al of the insurance companies believe that the more you drive the more are the chances of meeting with an accident. This comes true most of the time as more driving means driving in the highways and more chances of meeting with accidents. So chart your mileage according to your most needs and maintain it regularly.

If you have to travel from AbuDhabi to Dubai every day, then your mileage automatically increases and your insurance amount will also increase. This means that reducing your mileage could actually lead you being offered lower insurance premiums.

5.Cover the third party insurance:

Third party insurance is actually a safe house for your accidents. If you have committed an accident with another vehicle which has resulted in the damage of the second vehicle or the travelers in it, then you are bound to pay the third party insurance for the damage.

This can be covered via your insurance provider by accessing the third party insurance clause. Third party insurance is one of the most important protections for both your car and the other vehicle.

6. Multiple car insurance for the same owner:

This tip is for those who own more than one car. Claiming insurance for multiple cars will definitely reduce the cost of your combined insurance policy. The company will consider you as an important customer and hence offer you more discounts for your benefit.

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Take this opportunity to claim more at cheaper costs. Inquire with different insurance companies to avail the best benefits for all the cars. This is very beneficial for those who own businesses based on cars.

7.The better the record, the better the claim:

Safe driving has many benefits than just the safety of yourself. The practice of safe driving will lead you to benefits like low cost in the insurance policy also. Abiding by the law strictly while driving safe will help you maintain a clean record.

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A clean record is always better than the one with many faults. This will help you claim a better insurance. Become a safe driver to avoid paying high cost in your insurance.

In short, drive safe and prove that you can drive safe for availing better insurance cost. Hope these tips are helpful for getting you a cheaper car insurance policy.