What does Liability Car Insurance Cover

liability car insurance

Liability Auto Insurance cover is one type of car insurance that is mandatory for any vehicle owner in most of the states, and this offers the required expenses for the opposite person in case of an accident or in such related issues that are caused by you.


— Types of Liability Auto Insurance.

— What does Liability Car Insurance Covers and Do not Cover.

— How Liability Car Insurance Policies are Structured.

— How to calculate the premiums of the Liability Auto Insurance.

— How much Liability Car Insurance should you have.

— Liability Car Insurance FAQ.

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Types of Liability Auto Insurance

Liability Car Insurance is of two types namely property damage liability coverage and bodily injury liability coverage.

Property Damage Liability Coverage: Helps to pay for the repairs caused to the opposite party's car or any property damaged by you.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: Helps in providing the medical expenses for the opposite party injuries if you cause the accident. There are two types of bodily injury liability car insurance namely bodily injury per accident and bodily injury per person.

The first one means the payment done for all injuries in an accident caused by you and the second part indicates the amount paid for the single person in a crash that is caused by yourself.

What does Liability Car Insurance Covers and Do not Cover?

Bodily Injury Liability Car Insurance covers the cost for the following indications.

— Nursing care cost until their complete health improvement.

— Emergency aid at the spot.

— Every Medical bill caused due to the accident including the rehabilitation efforts.

— Compensating the reduced salary income.

— Expenses needed for funeral.

— Money for Diseases or Sickness caused due to the accidents.

Similarly, the Property Damage Liability Car Insurance covers the assets like Home, Telephone Poles, Lamp Posts, Fences, Cars or any other vehicles, etc.

The Liability Car Insurance from different insurance companies varies so that its mandatory that you discuss with the insurance agent regarding the insurance cover details before grabbing them your own.

You can check the online tools available to check whether the Liability Car Insurance Policy you have chosen is available with all the requirements that are indicated in the documents and papers.

Most of the states encourage personal injury protection coverage as the insurance agency offers the expenses for the loses caused due to the accident at any cause.

How are Liability Car Insurance Policies Structured?

The number you find in the Liability Auto Insurance Policy will provide a stranger look at; first, some example of them are 40/30/50, 5/10/39, etc. which means they can be decoded easily.

Among the above number, the first digit indicates the coverage amount the insurer pays for a single personal injury, the second digit indicates the amount the insurance agent needs to pay for every person involved in an accident whereas the third digit indicates the amount the insurer pays for the properties damage caused in a crash.

If your policy does not include any split figures then it means you have a limited, so you need to discuss with your insurance agent regarding the policies, some of them indulges both property damage cover as well as bodily injury coverable in a single plan.

So if you are the reason for an accident you need not worry about the expenses caused for you as well as for the third party if you have these Liability Car Insurance policy registered.

How to calculate the premiums of the Liability Auto Insurance

There are many factors present for the calculating the premiums of the liability insurance coverage policies including

— Your Marital Status

— Your Gender

— Your Driving Records

— Your Credit History

— How much coverage you require to buy

When calculating the premium auto insurance liability coverage consider the credit history, the calculation depends on them and some states do not allow this type of calculation.

You will be able to compare different quotes for this liability car insurance coverage of various companies online so that you can select the right liability car insurance policy for you based on your requirements.

How much Liability Car Insurance should you have

Most of the financial experts and agents will encourage you to stick with the maximum car insurance liability coverage as they have most of the benefits filled to safeguard you and your vehicle.

The experts and agents advise their customers to go with the liability car insurance policy that includes the following advantages.

— The bodily cover insurance policy should cover at least $100,000 per individual.

— The property damage coverage above $50,000.

— The Bodily Injury Coverage should cover $300,000 per accident or injuries.

If you need to stick with the Single Limit Policy, then you need to choose the liability car insurance that offers at least $300,000 and other benefits as said above.

Always prefer to choose the car insurance that covers the most affordable options in the policy.

Liability Car Insurance FAQ

Here are some of the Auto Insurance FAQ answered below.

1. Will the liability insurance cover my car content if someone breaks to help the injured persons?

No! You need to register for the renters or homeowners insurance for protecting your car contents.

2. Will Liability Auto Insurance covers Broken Window?

Yeah if you are the reason for the accident, it does not cover for the windows that are replaced or repaired.

3. What is the difference between Comprehensive car insurance and Liability Auto Insurance?

Comprehensive auto insurance covers the property damage as well as the theft caused whereas the Liability insurance coverage only covers for the injuries that are created to a third party or their vehicle.

4. Why Motorists needs the Auto Liability Insurance?

Most of the people ignore the state laws by saying that they have stuck with some limited auto insurance liability coverage.

5. Will the liability car insurance covers when I am driving a rental car?

Yes but with few exceptions. They will not be able to cover the entire expense but with some conditions as per the insurance companies policy and agreement.

Hope you are clear on the Liability Auto Insurance policy now, check with your insurance policy agent that it indulges the maximum benefits before making it yours. Any other pieces of information regarding Liability Car Insurance Policies are welcome.

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