Smart Parking Meter : Issue e-ticket for Dubai vehicles without hassle

parking meter

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai, launches new smart parking meters as a pilot project at Al Jafiliya, next to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) headquarters in Dubai.

The new parking meter needs details of the car plate number and duration of parking to be entered via a digital touch screen, shown as below:

Once the details are entered, a payment method is selected from the options of coins or card. The machine generates an e-ticket and a paper receipt which need not be placed on the vehicle, as was done previously. Below is an image of the paper receipt generated via the smart parking meter:

E-tickets were generated before the new parking meter via œmParking or œRTA's App. However, unlike the new parking meter, they did not require the user to enter the vehicle's plate number. The presence of a vehicle number specific to a parking ticket ensures that the ticket can be used by only that vehicle and cannot be shared.

The renewal details of the new parking tickets are still not clearly designed as RTA hopes to better the process by adopting smart technologies.

The Smart Parking Scanners launched earlier by RTA have been working effectively. They have significantly reduced the human errors caused in the validation of expiry of a parking ticket by simply scanning the vehicles.

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