Things to consider when choosing credit card in Dubai


Nowadays, the usage of credit card Dubai is very common. Because of easy transaction procedures, individuals greatly appreciate the reliability of credit cards.

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You can find different variety of credit cards like cash back credit cards, skywards credit cards; easy return credit cards, and others. Depending on your requirements, you can choose a suitable credit card and can flexibly manage your financial transactions.

As there are some credit card service providers in UAE, it is pretty confusing to choose the best credit cards. So, to reduce your confusions, below here some important considerations have been mentioned. Kindly go through each consideration to get the best credit card services in Dubai.

Annual Percentage Rate

Sometimes, it is not feasible to pay the credit amount in full by the due date. In such situations, the individuals carry the credit amount beyond the grace period with Annual percentage rate.

This Annual percentage rate is determined by the service provider only. Some service providers charge high APR while others charge a very nominal amount. Again, the APR varies with cash advances, balance transfers, purchases and others. So, make sure that you have knowledge about the APR for different modules.

Cost of a credit card

Though you have got the credit card for free, it's not free. There are different charges, which are keenly associated with credit card services. Some common charges include Annual fees, over-the-limit fee, late fee, due date fee, and others.

You need to collect necessary information about the additional fees associated with credit cards. Compare credit cards of at least five service providers, and then go for a decision.

Credit limit

Every credit card has got a fixed spending limit. Thus you cannot spend beyond that limit. It is highly recommended to determine the credit limit, as per your convenience.

If you are selecting credit limit thrice or fourth of your earnings, then you may end up with high debts. You can simply get a credit card with low limits and should use the card wisely.

Attractive rewards

Yes, you can earn reward points on your every purchase through credit cards. The reputed credit card service providers offer attractive rewards to the users mainly on online shopping, service stations, grocery stores, and others.

You simply need to compare credit cards UAE and should avail the credit card with best rewards and offers.

Customer Service

Indeed, customer service is one of the important elements of a credit card. It is suggested to get a credit card with 24/7 customer support.

Look, when you are managing financial transactions through a card, there are chances you may face difficulties. In such situations, you can simply contact the customer service team and can resolve the issue.

So, if you want to get the best credit card services in UAE, then don't forget to compare the credit cards over the mentioned factors. In case of any further confusion, feel free to communicate with the financial experts.