Burj Khalifa turns into big screen for Fifa World Cup


Tallest free-standing structure in the world- “Burj Khalifa turns into big screen for fifa world cup ”

The Burj Khalifa tallest building in the world with 63 floors located above the ground and it has only one floor located below the ground. It has world records for: ˜tallest free-standing building',˜highest occupied floor', ˜highest number of stories', ˜longest travel distance elevators', ˜tallest service elevator' and ˜second highest outdoor observatory deck', etc.

Burj Khalifa used its lights for a lot of special events to the nation- showing light shows, national flags, welcoming new years, special persons, movie releases, etc.

The tower always wants to give respect and also entertaining their people by showing special moments. Finally, it reaches to as a scoreboard for FIFA world cup. Burj will show a live stream of FIFA, which is taking place in Russia for the football fans in UAE. Tower turns into a giant LED scoreboard for this wonderful 2018 FIFA World cup and shows the flag of the winning nation by its lights.