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Best Rewards Cards UAE 2021

Isn't it just amazing if your credit card earns you some rewards?

Rewards credit cards are beneficiary cards that offer you extra benefits every time you spend money through your credit card. The main attraction of such cards is that they offer multiple rewards.

Living in UAE? Rewards credit cards are trending here too and many banks offer you rewards credit cards. Before you apply for a rewards credit card, read this article to know more about rewards credit cards and the best rewards credit cards in UAE 2024.


  • Rewards cards improve your credit score.
  • The more you use a credit card the more is rewards.
  • Rewards follow certain terms and conditions.
  • Rewards are usually time-bound.

Rewards credit cards are more useful to people who pay using credit cards while shopping and dining. You must make sure that you have a good credit score for the approval of your rewards credit card application.

People who travel a lot are more likely to benefit through rewards credit cards.


  • Reward points
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Free / Discounts on movie tickets
  • Free access to airport lounges
  • Off on dining
  • Buy 1 Get 1 offers
  • Discounts on air tickets
  • Access to health and fitness centers.
  • Air miles
  • Cashback

To apply for a rewards credit card you must be 21 years old or above. You should have a minimum income of AED 5000. The necessary documents required areID proof, valid Emirates ID, or residential proof.



Citibank Rewards Card

  • Minimum Income “ AED 8000/month
  • Annual Fee “ AED 0
  • Rate “ 3.25%

Citi Rewards Credit Card is a good choice to earn rewards while shopping. The rewards can be redeemed on purchases ranging from Apple products to Amazon products.

 Key Benefits of Citibank Rewards Card

  • Thank You reward points [$1 = 1 Thank You points (local spend)/ $1 = 1.5 Thank You points (international spend)]
  • VoucherSkout credits
  • Free 12- month Amazon Premium membership
  • Free access to 1000+ airport lounges
  • Dining offers
  • Travel insurances
  • Discounts on movie tickets
  • Supplementary cards for family members
  • Access to Citi World Privileges
  • Balance transfer

Apart from gaining such rewards, this credit card allows you to pay with points online or through SMS. Offering you easy installment plans makes this card more valuable. Citi Rewards Credit Cards also allow you to avail cash loans easily.


FAB-Rewards-Credit Car

  • Minimum Income “ AED 5000/month
  • Annual Fee “ AED 0
  • Rate “ 3.50%

First Abu Dhabi Bank Titanium Card allows you to earn luxurious rewards. This card offers you exclusive benefits like chances to win an Audi Q5 or a trip to different parts of the world and many more.

It also offers you travel and lifestyle benefits.

Key Benefits of FAB Titanium Credit Card

  • Annual chances to win Audi Q5 (1 winner)
  • Semi-annual chances to win a trip (2 winners)
  • Monthly chances to win shopping worth AED 1000 (10 winners)
  • Access to airport lounges across the Middle East
  • Shop smart
  • Offers on movie tickets
  • Roadside assistance
  • Offers on dining
  • Air miles
  • Balance transfer

There are more rewards than these. But you should keep in mind that cashback categories have maximum caps and also to get rewards a minimum amount of expenditure every month is necessary.

  • Minimum Income “ AED 5000/monthRAK-Titanium-Credit-Card
  • Annual Fee “ AED 400
  • Rate “ 3.45%

RAKBANK Air Arabia Platinum Credit Card is a good choice for you if you travel a lot. This card helps you earn a lot of rewards points.

Other than this it also provides great dining benefits, 0% easy payment plans, travel offers and insurances, exclusive offers on electronic products, furnishing, jewelry, and many more.

Key Benefits of RAKBANK Air Arabia Platinum Credit Card

  • Air rewards points
  • An annual fee will be relinquished from the second year upon meeting certain criteria
  • Privileges on dining and shopping
  • Discounts on Avis car rentals
  • Privileges in Air Arabia flights
  • Access to almost 10 airport VIP lounges in select countries
  • Free pickup and drop off (6 chances per year)
  • 3% of the minimum monthly payment
  • Privileges on Reebonz online shopping
  • Benefits on MyUS premium

These are the main benefits of the Air Arabia Platinum Credit Card. You get 15000 AirRewards points as a joining bonus. But this is possible only on retail transactions. And you must also be aware of the terms and conditions regarding each reward.



  • Minimum Income “ AED 15000/month
  • Annual Fee “ AED 0
  • Rate “ 3.45%

HSBC Advance Credit Card offers you a good amount of travel and lifestyle benefits.

If you have an advance account you can apply for this credit card.  The Air Miles reward is the major attraction of this card. You get 1 Air Miles for every spent AED 1.


  • Access to airport lounges
  • Privileges for dining programs
  • Discounts on travel
  • Complimentary valet parking
  • Complimentary HSBC ENTERTAINER app
  • Privileges on cinema
  • Balance transfers
  • Installment plans at low-interest rates
  • Protection benefits: card fraud and purchase protection

So before applying for this credit card make sure that you have an Advance Account. It is also important to know that there is a criterion of minimum expenditure for free valet parking and the Air Miles are valid only up to 3 years.

  • Minimum Income “ AED 15000/month
  • Annual Fee “ AED 700Emirates NBD Signature Credit Card
  • Rate “ 3.25%

Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card as the name suggests earns you Skywards Miles. If offers you a maximum 1.5 Skywards Miles per AED. You can redeem this Skywards Miles for different services like flight tickets, hotel accommodation, and other lifestyle needs.

Key Benefits of Emirates NBD Skywards Signature Credit Card

  • Skywards Miles
  • Free access to airport lounges
  • Free valet parking
  • Golf offers
  • Concierge service
  • Offers on dining
  • Cinema ticket discounts
  • Exclusive offers on Emirates Air Lines
  • Free car service registration and free pickup and delivery
  • Discounts on hotel booking

This card thus offers a wide range of travel and ground rewards. Along with such rewards this card also provides you with good banking services like easy installment plans and instant cash facilities.


Emirates Citi Rewards Card

  • Minimum Income “ AED 12000/month
  • Annual Fee “ AED 0
  • Rate “ 3.25%

Citi Emirates World card along with earning you Skywards Miles gives you special Citi World privileges. These privileges are applicable across 95 countries and thus become an attraction to those who travel worldwide continuously.

Key Benefits of Citi Emirates World Credit Card

  • Skywards Miles
  • Access to airport lounges worldwide
  • Complimentary movies
  • VoucherSkout credits
  • Meet and greet services once a year
  • Free 12- month Amazon Premium membership
  • Careem chauffer benefits
  • Discounts on MyUS online shopping
  • Discounts on Avis car rentals
  • Travel insurance

Citi emirates world card also provides you with easy installment plans and instant cash loans. You must also be aware that even it waivers annual fee in the first year there is an annual fee of AED 400 from the second year.


CBD Titanium Credit Card

  • Minimum Income “ AED 5000/month
  • Annual Fee “ AED 0
  • Rate “ 3.45%

CBD Titanium Mastercard is the best choice if you are looking for cards accepted worldwide and earns you rewards at the same time. The most important thing about this card is that it has no annual fees forever. Chip and pin technology incorporated makes it one of the favorites among rewards credit cards.

Key Benefits of CBD Titanium Credit Card

  • Earns you CBD Points Rewards
  • Discounts on Avis car rentals
  • Offers for dining
  • Cashback on
  • Access to VIP lounges in select countries
  • Discounts on
  • Offers on entertainment and leisure
  • Discounts on Careem rides
  • Access to MasterCard Priceless Specials
  • 24-hour client service

If you are planning to apply for a rewards credit card, go through the above information and choose the best one for you based on your salary, the purposes you use credit cards for, and the benefits these cards offer you.

So don't miss your opportunity to earn rewards for every AED you spend.


  1. What are Rewards Credit Cards?

Rewards credit cards are beneficiary credit cards that offer you extra benefits every time you spend money through your credit card. You get some kind of rewards which you can make use to achieve financial benefits.

  1. What are the major rewards that Rewards Credit Cards offer?

Rewards can be of different kinds. They can be:

  • Reward points
  • Cashback offers
  • Discounts on select categories
  • Miles
  • Access to expensive services
  1. What is a joining offer?

Joining offer or welcome offer is the bonus rewards the banks give to their clients for opting for their products. These are usually chances to win a lot of win gifts like reward points or miles based on the joining fee or any retail transactions you make within a specific period. These can be redeemed to purchase things or to pay bills.

  1. What is annual fee?

The annual fee is the amount that the bank charges from a card holder every year to maintain your account. More the annual fees more are the benefits.

  1. How do I redeem reward points?

To redeem your reward points you should connect with your bank’s reward portal. They might provide you with options for travel tickets, vouchers, gift cards, or merchandise.




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