Emirates announced extra flight operations for Hajj Travel

source:emirates 24/7

Emirates has announced 33 additional flight operations to the two cities – Jeddah and Medina from 6th August 2018 to 31st August 2018 to aid for the Hajj pilgrimage of citizens travelling from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These extra flights will run alongside the scheduled flights to the same destination. The special flight services are to be availed by citizens who hold a valid Hajj visa. Emirates announced that it is expecting pilgrims from the countries of Pakistan, Senegal, United States, UK, Australia, Indonesia, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

Adil Al Ghaith,Senior Vice President of Emirates said that they expects over 25000 pilgrims to take the journey of Hajj with them and that they are deploying extra flights to ensure seamless connections for the pilgrims flying across from various countries for this holy journey. He also said that Emirates promises to provide comfortable and best experience of travel owing to this significant period.

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Emirates has a set aside a team of helpers in Dubai to facilitate the Hajj passengers by setting aside dedicated check-in and transfer counter. Extra provisions have been made like performing ablutions, advising passengers about Al Miqat and Ihram to accommodate the Hajj passengers.