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Car Insurance Myths in UAE

car insurance myths

Cars are highly preferred in UAE rather than any other vehicle, and therefore the car insurance market has a massive increasing activity at present.

The price of insurance varies depending on many factors along with the money cost used as the compensation during the period of unlikely issues or events.

Choosing the right car insurance in Dubai is strenuous substantially for the new insurance buyers, people believe in wrong myths from various people and result in wrong decisions, but this is one of the essential topics that shouldn’t be ignored when you are spending much money on the car insurance policies.

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List of Car Insurance Myths in UAE

Today we will check for a few myths regarding the car insurances that everyone should be aware of it.

Medicals bills are covered for a significant accident or other issues in the case of the applicant having a Personal Accident Cover.

Many First time buyers of car insurance in UAE has a belief that getting a Personal Accident Cover while purchasing car insurance will take care of their medical expenses occurred when they get injured in a road accident, and this is not true entirely! Moreover, here are few payouts which will be provided to the people in a lump sum once confirming after an in-depth diagnosis.

    • Personal Accident covers are provided in the case of any preconceived peculiar injuries or damages, and if you capitulate to any lesion or any other injuries in a road accident, then Personal Accident Cover will offer a total amount of money that you have insured to your family and the maximum sum is about AED 200,000.
    • If you have lost your eyes and gone blind due to the accident occurred in the road then personal accident cover will provide a maximum sum of about AED 100,000 for each eye lost in the road accident.
    • If you lose a limb during a road accident, then you will be provided with the maximum amount of AED 50,000 for each limb.

Your Takeaways: If you got injured during an accident, you would not be able to get the medical coverage just showing your insurance policy documents at the hospital. You need to have a health insurance plan if you need to skip paying from your pocket.

Comprehensive Coverage is Offered in GCC Cover

Most of the gold and car insurance companies provide these universal feature GCC cover for their customers, but it has the capability of covering just the partial benefits.

You will not be eligible to drive to any other GCC Country if you have this GCC cover in your insurance policies. You need to face the drive only at your own risk as they don’t cover financial safety.

Your Takeaways: Every car owners should have to get the insurance for the vehicle they buy according to the UAE law, and therefore the insurance policies have become a mandatory one. GCC cover does not cover any third party liability, so you don’t have permission for driving off to any other GCC country.

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You will be required to get a TP insurance on the border at a rate of AED 90 for five days.

Comprehensive Insurance plans do not cover mechanical Repairs:

The standard and most natural myth around any car insurance are that mechanical repair costs are not included in any comprehensive programs in the case of any injuries or during the car breakdowns.

Your Takeaways: The critical thing every car insurer need to have in mind is that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear from people saying regarding the insurance plans. Any of the car insurance agents will not cover mechanical tear & wear and depreciation in their plans. Automobile parts are included based on the depreciation rate when your vehicle is damaged in an accident or during your car break down in this comprehensive insurance plan.

Your car dealers will provide best Insurance Plan

When you are purchasing a new brand car, everyone thinks that they can get the best insurance plan from his or her car dealers, but this is never a good or best idea.

You will not be able to get the best deal if you are purchasing any insurance plans from any car dealers, insurance brokers or insurance agents offline.

They will change your mind and make you get the one as per their preference, the best thing you need to do before purchasing a car insurance plan is to research, compare and then get the best insurance plans for your vehicle.

The technology advancement has brought an enormous change in the digital insurance field too, and the best way is to get the insurance is online. You will be able to avail many benefits like more transparency, ease of buying, wide varieties of insurance, etc. and also save your time and money by getting online.

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Insurance for your vehicle is something you need to check out directly rather than purchasing from offline or other ways. If you are getting insurance from your car dealers, then you might need to pay a high commission for them.

If you are purchasing insurance online then you will be able to get multiple benefits as there are various plans available, you can compare and choose the best deal.

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Your Takeaways: You will be able to enjoy maximum coverage for your insurance without paying from your pocket, the price you pay should be useful for you not for the dealers or brokers.

A Must have Feature- Agency Repair?

The critical specification included in the comprehensive insurance plan is the Agency Repair, this will cover maximum accident-related repairs from the official dealer at the authorized garages. The premium is high for the comprehensive coverages as per the enhanced support, and you can opt or not opt to agency repair as the decision belongs to you.

If you need any spare parts installed in your car or any other vehicle after any accidents in the case of a luxury car, then you can prefer agency repairs. If you have the spare parts available for your generic vehicle then paying for the agency repair is mere foolishness.

Your Takeaways: Before you go for any agency repairs you need to check whether you need them in your car insurance plans. More than the premium garages, the insurers’ network garages will be the best option.

Before opting for any UAE vehicle insurance, make sure you analyze the insurance needs and then check out the insurance plans fine print. If you have a detailed understanding of the plan, you never have to fall for these myths.

Knowing about the policy exclusion and inclusion declines the claim rejection risks.

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Any other myths regarding the Car Insurance Plans.

Let us know through the comment section below.

Tips to avoid Common Auto Insurance Claims


Accidents can happen anytime, and therefore they have the right name derived. Auto Insurance is mandatory for every vehicle owner to protect their vehicle and their well beings, the rates of these auto insurance depends on various factors namely the driving experience, the age of the driver and much more.

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We have seen all these information in previous articles, today we will know few tips for avoiding the most common problems occurring with the Auto Insurance claims.

Rear End Crash

The Rear End crash type of accidents are caused mostly when the drivers lack concentration in their driving, this can be easily avoided if the driver is focussed only on driving rather than some other disturbances like using a mobile phone, changing songs during driving, speaking to someone without checking out the vehicles forward or backward, etc.

CDC Statistics has proved that more than 1160 people are getting injured and eight-plus persons are killed every day due to the distractions occurred when driving.

NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has shared a pivotal point in 2015 that to avoid this type of crash, the top-most auto manufacturer has come up with an automatic braking technology, which will help the driver to focus on the road and driving without being distracted from any other activities.

Windshield Damages

Windshield cracks and chips claims are also considered to be the most common problem in the list, and many drivers think that this damage cannot be avoided, but you can do it with simple steps.

I agree that you can’t make any pebbles or rocks to be idle on the road or ground, but you can take specific steps to avoid these damage to take place. Most of the cracks and chips are developed from the Snow renewal equipment, rocks thrown due to air by trucks and other debris from the ground.

You can make sure that you are maintaining the distance between these trucks so that your wallet and windshield will remain safe from the damage. For example when you are passing by a road with much debris, and other kinds of stuff make sure you keep a distance when the trucks turn in an unpaved road.

In the case of ice and snow, you can keep a distance between any trucks for avoiding the hit as well make sure you maintain extra mile in the case of place with plows.

Parked Vehicle Damages

This is one of the common problems every driver’s face, you park your car, and people easily hit your car and fly like an airplane without evening turning back.

Research in 2016 has found that 15% of drivers have experienced hitting a parked car and 1.7 million drivers have been admitted to run after they hit a parked car.

To avoid people hitting your car make sure you leave your car in any garage or in the place where there are no turns. Do not park your vehicles too close to other vehicles when you are out from home, make sure you are avoiding parking of your vehicles in turns, tight corners, driveways, etc.

Backup Accident

NHTSA has identified in research that there are about 500,000 backover and backup accidents are happening every year, among them, 15,000 accidents lead people to injuries, and 210 accidents lead to death and other life-threatening problems.

The backup accidents can be easily avoided, but still, they are occurring in high numbers, but at present in 2018 the NHTSA has put a rule that all new cars need to be developed with a backup camera.

So be careful to get a camera-equipped vehicle if you are in the plan of getting a new car, in the case of existing cars you can get a backup camera kit which would cost in the range of 250 AED to 1500 AED, and this cost varies based on the feature you need.

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Single Car Crush

According to the National Transportation System Center of John A. Volpe, one out of five accidents are caused due to the reason of leaving your car in the road, and there are more than 8,000 deaths happening per year, these damages can also be controlled easily and can be avoided.

Most of the Single Car crashes are caused due to the drowsy driving, what if the drivers fall asleep when they are driving on the road? Undoubtedly the car will result in damage with an accident. Similarly, Usage of drugs, alcohol, tiredness during driving is some of the causes of single-car crashes.

A survey result of research in 2005 has explained that 40% of the drivers fall asleep, the young drivers’ numbers are higher when compared to the older persons. There are many innovations developed to keep your car idle in the right lane, but still, you need to be more careful that you are not falling asleep during your drive for avoiding this problem.

Hail Damage:

If you are located in the area that is prone to higher hailstorms then you need to park your car under cover so that your car doesn’t get more damages, you can allocate extra space for your garage and safeguard with new safety apparatus for keeping yours from lousy weather hits.

Break-ins and theft

Every area will differ, and there is a high chance for your car to have a car break in some cases. You can avoid these issues if you stop keeping any valuable items in your car parking, also make sure you park the car in a safe and secure place to prevent the car break and theft.

Personal Injuries

Neck, back, and other related injuries are typical during a car accident, and even a fender bender will result in severe whiplash, neck, back and other injuries. These get more severe when you are driving in the higher speed, the best way to avoid this type of problems is to obey the traffic rules like wearing your seat belt, following the right signal board, etc.

There are many newer technologies incorporated at present which helps in saving you from these type of injuries.

Intersection Crashes

Confusing and BUsy Intersections will lead you to crashes, but this may happen at any time. You cannot assure that other drivers will follow the traffic rules as you do so its essential when you are approaching an intersection.

When you stop at the red signal make sure other drivers are not speeding up through the yellow light, in this case, you need to hit brakes immediately to safeguard you from hitting the car.

The Federal Highway Administration is working with states, cities, insurance companies and other concerned people about making this intersection more safe so that drivers can make up with the right decision to reach their destination safely.

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Personal Loan in UAE without Salary Transfer

Personal Loan in UAE no salary transfer

Personal loans are useful when you need to spend more money than you have available in your savings or credit card. After you have negotiated the loan with your lender, it is suitable to add it to your budget.

It is possible to take out a personal loan in UAE without a salary transfer. This implies that you can take a personal loan from a bank without needing to transfer your salary flow to the same bank. Such loans are quite common in the UAE.

You can easily locate loans without salary transfer by online research. There are many UAE websites, like Compare4Benefit, which can do the job for you within minutes. They also provide online calculators to determine your monthly payments.

No salary transfer personal loan

Features of Personal Loans:

Have a fixed amount

The maximum amount of personal loans ranges from AED 1,000,000 to AED 3,000,000. It is based on your credit rating, your other debts, your income, and the lender. The higher your income and better your credit score, you can borrow more money.

Some banks have a cap on the quantum of personal loan. As opposed to credit cards, personal loans are a one-time loan. You cannot borrow like using a revolving credit card. Once you pay off the loan, there is the closing of your account. You will have to re-apply in case you need to borrow again.

Mostly fixed interest rate:

In case of personal loans, the interest rate is locked and does not change for the life of the loan. Just like the loan, interest rates on personal loans are dependent on credit rating. Usually, you will be charged a lower interest rate if your credit score is good. But there are also personal loans with variable interest rates. The disadvantages with these are that monthly payments fluctuate and cannot be factored in easily in your budget.

Fixed period of repayment

Your personal loan must be paid up in a fixed period. Loan payments are stipulated in months: 60, 48, 36, 24, and 12, etc. Longer repayments may reduce your monthly payment but implies that you pay more interest in the long run. Also, in case, you pay back loans earlier than agreed on, you may have to cough up extra money in terms of early repayment penalty.

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Impact credit score

The details of all loans will be communicated by banks to credit bureaus, and thus, impact credit scores. All aspects like the amount of loan and the timeliness of your repayment will be recorded. For a good score, it is better to be punctual with your repayments.

Beware of imposers

Steer clear of scams, especially if a lender approves your loan easily in spite of your poor credit score. Avoid those who charge for loan information. Always apply for a loan with a reputed bank.

Tips for Taking Personal Loans in UAE

Do research on interest rate:

The interest rates charged by different banks differ, so do complete market research. Other banks may offer loans at a higher rate compared to Islamic banks, but their terms of repayment may be more flexible. Do research on different banks to arrive at a decision. You can even consult financial advisers.

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Keep track of credit history

In case you have borrowed in the past; your banks will have a record of your credit history. With your credit history, you will know how you will qualify for a new personal loan. In case, you have defaulted on repayments; it will reduce your credit score and banks may charge higher interest rates.

Find other options

A bank may not be the only solution. If you have a solid state of finances, you will be eligible for credit cards like HSBC Platinum Card or Citibank Card, which will charge as low as 0% interest for the first year. You can even borrow from a trade guild. But banks are the most popular source of personal loans.

Determine exact need

There are two kinds of loans – secured and unsecured and the difference is that a secured loan is secured against a collateral asset while unsecured is not.
Determine your exact need based on whether you are okay with placing a mortgage asset as collateral or pay high-interest rates associated with unsecured loans.

Avoid borrowing more than required

Many times, banks will offer big loan amounts based on factors like your good credit score. Avoid going in for such attractions because it will only increase your debt burden. So, steer clear of any unusually attractive offers.

Determine complete charges

Securing a loan involves more than paperwork and getting money in hand. Several banks charge registration fees, processing fees, at a percentage of your total loan amount. Ascertain which bank provides the best deal after factoring in all charges.

Check capacity for EMI

You can pay back your loan amount in a fixed tenure. Banks offer 1 to 5 years for returning the money with a differing rate of interest.

Get realistic about how much you can pay in EMIs (Equated Monthly Installments). Don’t plan EMIs based on future projections, which may or may not manifest.

Compare prices

When you take a loan, keep aside some time to shop around and compare loan packages. Don’t be taken in by published or advertised rates. Interest charges vary based on a lot of factors such as the size of your salary. The 4% rate advertised by the bank may not apply to you if you earn below a threshold.

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Review terms and conditions

If you get a good deal, consider the total cost of the offer. The terms and conditions of a loan are just as vital as the rate of interest. Some of these include hidden penalties and fees. It is crucial to note the terms for early repayment of loans.

In case, you don’t read the fine print; the loan may cost you much more than you imagined. Getting all terms and conditions in writing is good.

Consider added products

Several banks register you automatically for payment or credit insurance when you become a borrower. You must review the terms of insurance to help decide whether to use such cover or go in for an extra personal cover.

Keep credit score in check

The eligibility for a personal loan is based on your credit history. Ensure you don’t go in for a loan unless absolutely essential. The reason is every time you opt for a loan; it is recorded in your credit history, damaging future chances of loan approval.

Increase credit score

For enhancing credit score, ensure you steer clear of negative points like late payment of bills. Al- Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB) has launched a credit report system. The best thing is to pay your bills and repayments on time. You can always request your credit report to check for any errors which might hinder your loan application.

Debt- Income Ratio

When you buy a loan in the UAE, make sure you can pay back EMI. One of the major factors for getting a personal loan is how much debt you already have. If you are drowning in debt, banks will be wary of providing loans.
As per the rules of the UAE Central Bank, the DBR (Debt Burden Ratio) cannot cross 50%.

This implies that your entire monthly payments with existing debt can’t exceed 50% of your income. For instance, if you earn a monthly income of AED 10,000, the monthly repayments of debt for you cannot cross AED 5000.

Be a listed company

Even if you don’t have income transfer to the same bank at which you apply for loans, it is good to be employed by a company listed for approval by the bank. Banks are more inclined to provide you with a loan, if your company is listed.
Otherwise, you may be denied a loan or charged a higher rate of interest. If your current company is not listed, get into action by offering the bank to get in touch with the HR department of your company.

Consider co-applicant

If all your attempts for a personal loan fail, you can use a co-applicant. This would be typically a close relative or spouse who will agree to pay back the loan in case you default. This applicant will be evaluated just the way you are (good credit score/ less debt, etc.).

Avoid borrowing more for less interest

Interest rates may depend on the amount of money you borrow. The higher the debt is, lesser will be the rate of interest. Keeping this in mind, several individuals choose to raise their loan amount to make use of a good rate. But this is not a wise decision, and it will be bad for your wallet. You must borrow only what you need.


For getting a low rate, try to put pressure on your bank for the same. Thus, you can negotiate with the lender- they will cut interest rate, and you will pay less.

Honour existing payments

It may not be enough to have a low debt burden ratio. In case, you are paying late consistently; this will be recorded in your credit report. Prospective lenders can extract this information from the AECB. The good part is that if you have been timely with your repayments, you have a good chance for getting a fresh loan.

Do thorough comparison

Do not just finalize your loan as soon as you get approval from a bank. Use a website for financial comparison for personal loans for details like fees, features, and rates. You may be surprised by the different offers. After comparing loans, you will know which the best fit is for you.

No salary transfer personal loan

Personal Loans in UAE Without Salary Transfer

1. City Bank Personal Installment Loanpersonal loan no transfer citi

Getting a personal loan from Citi is fast, easy, and hassle-free, with no salary transfer required.

It offers personal finance to the tune of AED 175,000.

Features and benefits

• Get Finance up to 8 times of your salary.

• Zero Processing Fees (Exclusive Limited Period Offer).

• Approvals in 1 day.

• Competitive Interest rates.

• Minimum salary required is AED 8000.

                Apply for Citi Bank Personal Installment Loan

2. United Arab Bank Personal LoanUAB No salary transfer personal loan

It is one of the leading UAE banks. It offers personal finance to the tune of AED 2.5 Million.

This is the best personal loan if you are looking for repayment of rent or education fees.

Features and benefits

• No Minimum Length of service required.

• Repayment period is 1 year only.

• No processing fee for new customers.

• Interest rate is 3.99 % only.

• Minimum salary of AED 10,000.

                 Apply for United Arab Bank Personal Loan

3. Emirates NBD Personal LoanENBD personal transfer

Offer packages for both salaried and self employed.

Benefits and features:

• Long period of repayment.

• Free life insurance for credit.

• 7 days loan return option.

• Interest rate from 4.99% to 14% ( per annum).

• Minimum income of AED 15000.

      Apply For Emirates NBD personal loan without salary transfer


Emirates NBD Debt Consolidated Loan for Expats

It provides an array of personal finance products.


• Manageable payment plan for all your existing debts.

• Free Premium Credit card for 1st Year.

• Free Bank Account and Debit card.

• Deferment option to skip two non-consecutive installments per year.

• Minimum salary required is 10,000.

          Apply for Emirates NBD Personal Loan for Expats

These are all some facts about taking a personal loan in the UAE. You must do research online or offline and some serious number crunching to get the best deal.

13 Essential Checklist for First-time Car Buyers

Car Insurance checklist

Purchasing a car involves a tedious process, and you consider every prospect from ‘Insurance to Finance’ to ‘Research to test driver’. One can’t just choose the car once it gets released, the car lovers spend months or years to select their preferred car and get it after many struggles.

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Essential Checklist for First Time Car-Buyers

However, choosing the car can be simple if you make a checklist based on your requirements, so here are some of the essential list for the first time car buyers.

1. Know your requirements

Once you have the idea of purchasing a car, you need to know what your requirements are, and you should know the right type of car you are going to choose from the various models and manufacturers out there.

Decide which car will choose your needs, budgets and other vital factors, know about their price, colour, trims, cost, safety features available, cupholder size, reviews, etc.

Once you have decided on the car models, compare them with different manufacturers and then choose the that will suit you best.

2. Decide what type of features you need.

After deciding the car make sure you have all the required features that car should include

● Know the use of a car, for what purpose you are going to use them, what features you need in the vehicle for making your trip easier and comfortable.

● Determine the nonnegotiable factors like safety, whether the car will provide the needed gas mileages and know the things like a moon roof, swivel seats, etc. indulged in the car model.

● You cant stick with the same car that you prefer for your work to the purpose of business activities like realtor as city roads vary entirely when compared with the rural country roads.

● To know the best out of best car manufacturer and vehicle research for the awards they received and other evaluations like ranking, accolades of the vehicle from the industry so that you can get to know about the detailed picture of the car you choose.

3. Determine your car budget

Before you search for the different models knows the budget you are having for the car. There are many vehicle cost calculators available online so that you can determine the cost of the car you are going to purchase along with the loans and taxes.

In the list, you should also determine the factors like repair cost, maintenance, insurance, gas and much more. If you are on a limited budget then you can ask your vehicle manufacturer regarding the ideas, they will help for the maximum benefits to avail.

4. What type of car are you going to Purchase? New or Used vehicle

Once you determine your budget, you can decide if you are going to prefer the new one or the used car. If your budget is limited, you can make use of some of the best used vehicles on the market.

You can find the deals on used cars from the vehicle manufacturer or even online, and you can choose a rental car and try it out before getting the car you prefer to choose.

5. Are you going to purchase as Buy, Finance or for Lease?

● If you have enough cash in your hand, then you can prefer the Buy option for getting your chosen car.

● In the case of making a low down payment and are looking for the affordable cost to pay monthly, you can choose the Finance option. This is best for the one who always drives and causes a tear and wears quickly.

● If you are in a plan of driving the car for three to five years, want to keep your vehicle under the vehicle manufacturer warranty by traveling less than 12,000 miles per year then Lease option would be the best choice in this circumstance.

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6. Decide whether you are going to purchase from a Dealership or a private company?

The above choice is considered to be necessary as the rules for both vary entirely, you can look out the rules and conditions from your dealership persons or online to determine which would be the best option for your needs, Know the value and then go for the right decision.

7. Know the Values before opting for a car

Before purchasing the car, you need to you need to look out some of the value like

● Domestic or Foreign?
● Gas powered or another similar energy vehicle?
● Minivan or anti-minivan family cars?

8. Adapting to the newest and trendier technologies

Always prefer the car with all the necessary safety features and based on the present trends and models to experience a newer level of experience.

There is a vast improvement in the active and passive features of the vehicle at present when compared to the old modelled cars.

You can consider some critical safety technological development like bicycle detection, lane departure warning, hill descent assist, etc. in the car you are purchasing.
Check whether the car you purchase includes all the latest luxuries and gadgets like automatic messages, steering tablets, etc.

9. Window Shopping will work out.

You should decide the picks of the car by doing a window shopping rather than knowing them online. Look for the dealerships available in your area online, confirm them through a call and then reach store for reviewing the car you are going to buy. By doing so, you can bargain and go for the flexible budget once you have decided to get them for sure.

10. Figuring out the Fair Market Price of the car you choose

You can try out some online tools for finding the market price of the car you are going to choose.

11. Insurance

Make sure you choose the right insurances for your car and pick the one with lesser premium rates with maximum advantages.

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12. Finance

Look for the private financing once you have decided the car to purchase, know the cheap rates that banks offer and prefer to choose the bank that provides the best offer for you.
There is an option for choosing your quotes if you are selecting the dealer for financing, so this has to be decided from your side.

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13. Shopping

Different offers are available for a specified period, so when you are going to purchase a car, you should know the right time you will have the availability of best offers from the company.

● The best time for shopping your car falls on the July and December.
● Purchase the cars at the end of the month to get the most benefits with offers.
● Buying car during holiday sales is best to save your money.

If you have decided to buy the car from the dealership, then make sure you at least three to four different dealers to choose the right one.

Hope the above simple checklist will help you in choosing the right vehicle for you with all included benefits.

Any other Checklists to be added above? You can leave it in the comment section below so that we can add them to our list for the customers to get benefited from them.

UAE Police provide amazing tips on car’s cruise control failure


Abu Dhabi police have gone through a number of cases involving car cruise control fails and rescuing affected in the recent months and they have come up with a set of guidelines for motorists to help them control the car’s cruise fails.

A few days earlier in Abu Dhabi, police officials risked their life in saving a driver preventing him from a deadly road accident. It was reported that the brakes of the driver’s four wheeler stopped working at 130kmph on a highway.

In an another accident that was reported two months ago, a woman’s car cruise failed and was stuck in the car in Umm Al Quwain. Her car had gone out-of-control but was fortunately rescued.

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The police have posted on their Instagram official account on how the motorists should react in case their car went out-of-control. Police say that motorists shouldn’t panic and make sure their seat-belt is on. Switching on the hazard lights is important, and call 999 for help.

Here is the set of guidelines for motorists provided by Abu Dhabi Police on their Instagram account:

1. Put the neutral gear on and switch off the engine.

2. For old model cars, motorists should use the ignition keys to switch off the engine. For advanced car models, motorists should push and suppress the start button for a long time until the engine turns off.

3. If that fails, motorists should put the neutral gear on and push on the brakes firmly and steadily until the car eventually stops.

4. If the previous method fails, motorist can use the handbrake and pull up while firmly holding the steering wheel.

5. If all methods fail, motorists must change the gear setting between (N) and (D) repeatedly.

6. If any of the previous methods work before a patrol car reaches, the motorist should stop the car off the road and make sure they are safe and wait for the arrival of the concerned units.

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Top 6 Auto Insurance Questions Answered

insurance questions uae

Everyone spends much time picking the suitable car they need based on their budget and other requirements.

Similarly one should know about all type of auto insurance and other importance before grabbing it by their side.

Top 6 crucial answers you need to know about the Auto Insurance.

What would you do if your car has been caught in an accident or other life-threatening problems? What if you have the wrong type of insurance for the issues? So it’s essential to check out the insurance before you get them, to ensure this you should have known about the auto insurance types.

1. Types of Auto Insurance

Find below the four important Auto Insurance Types explained.

Auto Insurance Types CTP Third Party Insurance Third Party, Fire, and Theft Comprehensive
Death/Injuries to People Yes No No No
Destruction for other’s Vehicle No Yes Yes Yes
Loss of car(fire or theft) or destruction to your car No No Yes Yes
Destruction for the car due to an accident in traffic. No No No Yes


The above table is the summary of the policies covered by the various auto Insurance.

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CTP (Compulsory Third Party) Insurance

The insurance will help if you have done some damages to someone’s car or the opposite person, the condition differs from one state to another, make sure to check for the details whether they work in your place before making it yours.

Third Party Property Damage

The insurance is considered to be the primary optimal auto insurance and offers the best financial cover in the case of any damage you have caused to the vehicle and not the person.

Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance

The insurance will help you in case if your car is stolen by thieves or when damaged due to fire accidents or any other issues.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

The top level and most expensive insurance which covers all things that all the above three insurance provides, apart from that this insurance also offers a vast range of options like replacement of windscreen, replacement vehicles and much more.

2. What are the Documents you need for getting a Car Insurance Policy in UAE?

Have the following documents in your hand when you go for applying for car insurance.

The name of the applicant: National should provide their Emirates ID whereas expats should keep their passport copy ready along with the visa page.

Date of Birth: The Documents you have submitted for ensuring your name is enough.

Confirmation Letter: You will require this to ensure whether the car falls under the GCC Specifications Compliant.

Details of the Vehicle: Have the needed documents that were provided during the registration, some insurance agents will ask for the RTA Certification for the purpose of transferring.

No Claims Discount Certificate: The document is most needed for renewing your auto insurance, you will get a reasonable discount as this certificate will prove the owner of the car has not recorded a claim.

You will be able to upload all these documents online as per your comfort.

3. What are things required to get an auto insurance quote?

Most of the car insurer ask for the essential details like model of the car, making of the vehicle, manufactured year, vehicle registered date, car value at purchasing, car registration place in the US etc., based on this the insurer will offer the value of the car as per the current market rate, this is essential for determining the price of the insurance cover.

While considering non-personal pieces of information, when you visit a website the browser you are using, IP address, version of your OS (Operating System), the web page visited etc. get recorded. The personal details asked from the insurer includes contact details, Date of Birth, Applicant Name, License details, Nationality, claiming insurance details, Driver License UAE etc.

4. What are the Additional Covers offered by Car Insurance Companies?

In UAE, Third Party Insurance is must, and apart from that, there are also some extra insurance covers and features offered by an auto insurance company. The final price of the insurance is calculated only after choosing all the add-ons, some of the additional covers are as follows.

Agency Repair: You can extend the coverage of agency repair up to five years through this add-on.

Emergency Medical Expenses: The cover will provide the medical expense for the passengers or other persons in the car but within one day of the accident, there are few other limits too, and this can be clearly claimed as per the car insurance company you choose.

Personal Accident Cover: The cover offers up to AED 200,000 per people if the passenger or people gets injured or dies in the accident.

Off Road Cover: When your car is damaged during the off-road then you can make use of the covers to rectify it, people who prefer going long drives can go with this add-on.

Personal Belongings Cover: The loss of any of your personal things can be claimed with this cover, you will be paid for the lost belongings.

Roadside Assistance: To jump smart, part replacement and for vehicle towing you can make use of this on roadside assistance cover.

Oman Extension: You need to check for the terms and conditions of the car insurance companies as few offers territorial coverages.

GCC Cover: The cover deals with any theft or loss when traveling to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or Oman and this is based on the precise terms and conditions.

Natural Calamities Cover: The cover can be useful when there is damage caused due to the natural calamities like earthquake, flood, storm etc.

New Car replacement: You can go for this add-on as they offer replacement of your car within six months of purchase.

Windscreen Cover: If there is any damage to your windscreen or other parts then this cover will be much useful.

Theft and Fire Cover: If your vehicle is damaged due to theft or fire then this cover will offer the losses.

Locks Replacement: You will be provided with the money for changing a new lock if your old lock has been stolen or damaged with this add-on.

Dent Repair: The cover offers the cost for dent removal.

5. How can you make a claim when your vehicle is damaged?

There are some rules you have to follow when you claim for the damaged vehicle or passengers.

● Make sure you have the driver license copy, vehicle registration copy, and the original policy ready for claiming.

● Before claiming, make sure you have read the papers and document thoroughly so that you can be careful in getting the right covers.

● If there is another vehicle in the accident, then you need to share the information with them so that you will get your insurance claimed easily. Make sure you have the replacement vehicle, Personal Accident Cover, and Legal Cover so that claims can be processed in a shorter period.

● Many people do not understand the meaning of the policy excess, and this is something one needs to pay when claiming the insurance, the conditions may differ from each car insurance companies.

6. What are the Do’s and Don’t when you are buying an Auto Insurance in Dubai?

When you create an account for claiming the insurance you will be required to provide your name, DOB, Phone number and other some of the personal information, if you feel that they would be unsafe then you have the rights to neglect it but there is a chance of not getting the complete feature of the website.

● Make sure you go for the best coverage rather than sticking with the cheapest premiums.

● The proverb Honesty is the best policy will suit best when claiming car insurance too, unsure whether you are sharing the right information with the insurance company to avail the right benefits.

● Check for both comprehensive policies and third party liability when claiming for the auto insurance, decide which one will be the best based on your situation.

● If you need for some extra add-ons, then you can check with the insurer whether they have the extra covers included in their policy.

● In the case of getting an old car, you need to check for the features that are included in the insurance so that you can understand what are the things covered, in some cases, the policy will not be transferable, and therefore you will have to face some difficulties in the future.

● Make sure you are not underinsuring the car as they will extend the claim date of your vehicle as well as last in dispute.

● Do not extend the plan of insurance renewing, make sure you are doing this on time without any breaks.

● Before claiming read out the terms and conditions correctly, in case of any doubts or confusion ask them immediately to the car insurers.

● Save the number of policy and roadside assistance for easy accessing.

Auto Insurances are made accessible, and you will be able to save your money through these car insurances. Below are some of the simple steps you need to do when claiming for car insurance.

Provide your personal, non-personal and other requirements needed for the better result, and you might need to fill a form online which take a couple of minutes to complete them.
The second step is to choose the right policy and make the payment without any confusion.
Once you have made the payment, your insurance policy will be processed, and they will ask for other relevant documents and papers listed before for completing the insurance claim.

Hope you have the received the answers for all the essential Auto Insurance Question you should be aware of from this blog.

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Are there any other important things you need to know when claiming your auto insurance? Ping us in the comments, we’ll be right back with an answer.

Protecting your vehicle from the summer heat

Protecting from summer

The heat from sunlight would cause severe damages to your car, and many kinds of research prove this. The State Farm vehicle Research Facility has found in a test that the interior air temperature of the vehicle has been recorded as 145 degrees Fahrenheit and the internal surface temperature of the vehicle that is exposed to direct sunlight has been recorded as 195-degree Fahrenheit.

It doesn’t mean just the seats and dashboard you should focus on, apart from that your car engine, and the outlined shine are also on the risk when its exposed to the heat. You will not face this problem during the warm climate, but in the case of Summer months, it’s your responsibility to protect your vehicle from direct exposure to sunlight.

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Tips for Protecting your Car from Heat

Proceed below to find out the simple tips through which you can avoid your vehicle getting damaged or affected by summers heat.

How to Safeguard your parked vehicle from Heat?

When you park your vehicle, their steering wheels, dashboards, and car upholstery are exposed to the direct sunlight heat, and they get beamed easily. You cannot find a shaded place for your car to park if you are living in limited place options, so here are some of the practical things you can follow for making your vehicle protected from the sunlight.

Make Use of the Windshield Sun Share:

Windshields are something that can be folded in and out quickly, you can fold out for protecting your sun from heat and then wrap up quickly and store it in your vehicle beneath the seat.

Putting a shade means you can avoid your vehicle to get affected by the sun exposure and this reduces the maximum heat that falls on the car. You can make use of the front and back window shades for protecting your vehicle, this carry from the car models and manufacturers.

Safeguard the Dashboard and Upholstery using Products:

Products like Leather or Vinyl protectants are developed with additional layers so that they can neglect for too much heat to fall on the vehicle. This also enables your car to run smoothly as well as to keep in new every time you use them.

Prefer Tinted Windows:

Leaving your car in the direct exposure of sunlight will leave your car with many cracks and other severe damages along different parts of the vehicle namely dashboard, upholstery, etc. This can be easily avoided with the help of a practical option named Tinting.

The option for tinting is not acceptable in every state, and you need to know your state rules and regulations before getting any specific products for your vehicle. Tinted windows are not allowed in some of the countries due to the higher risk factors they evolve.

How to Park your Vehicle in the Shade?

If you are having an option of parking your car in the shade, then it would be the best idea to protect your sun from unwanted damages. Make sure you prefer indoor parking or any shady place under a tree etc. to park your car for avoiding the heat from the sunlight.

This type of ideas is possible in some places that have the car parked in leafy neighborhoods or a lined path along the area. At present, there is not much trees shade available so you can prefer choosing any building shade for protecting your car.

You can find the streets which has much building shades so that you can cover your car from heat the entire day.

Tips for checking your vehicle Battery:

Fluid evaporation takes place once your car is exposed to heat for an extended time and this will lead to decreased battery life. To avoid this, you need to add distilled water once your battery needs to be filled up again with any liquid to ups from stopping the severe issues.

Have a look over the coolants:

Topping up should be done regularly, you should wait for one to two hour to open the radiator car rather than opening them immediately.

Travelling during warm weather or cold climates:

You can do your driving practice up during any col climates, early morning and late evening would be a perfect choice as this makes the passengers and driver have a different and unique experience.

Interior Car Protection from Heat

While protecting your Interior make sure

● You park your vehicle in the shade.

● Making use of the Sun Protector Eg: Windshield.

● Make use of the Microfiber Cloth to wipe out the dashboard.

● Installing Seat covers for your cars.

● Make use of the conditioner to safeguard your leather seats.

Exterior Car Protection from Heat

While considering the exterior protection of your vehicle, you need to

● Wash your vehicle and dry them regularly.

● Making use of Wax for your car is also another best way to cover up your exteriors and to protect them.

● Always check your tire pressure as under-inflated tires and hot pavements results in Blowouts some cases.

Under Hood:

When it’s under the hood, you need to look over the :

Cooling System: This will help from overheating so make sure your cooling system is always in the proper working conditions. You should also drain your coolants and check for the belt. Replace the necessary things as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Fluids Rest:

The overheating of the car will increase if the fluid levels are decreasing below the manufacturer recommended standards, you need to check for the transmission fluids, motor oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid regularly if you feel something is not okay then make sure you change or replace them immediately.


High accessory and temperature loads will cause your battery to fail and wear out quickly, check for the complete charging system and the battery with the help of any mechanics who are expert at doing it.

Air Conditioning:

Staying cool does not mean it can keep you and your persons comfortable but also help in keeping you alert while driving. If your interior temperature is not cooling, then you need to check for the charge level in your refrigerant and treat is a severe issue if its low.

Excellent preventative maintenance will help you to keep your car in proper running condition, make sure you follow the above steps for keeping your vehicle protected from direct exposure to sunlight.

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Any other ways through which you can avoid excess heat falling onto your vehicle? Let you know through the comment section below.

Average Car Insurance rates by Age | Money Clinic

car insurance rates

Age is one of the significant factors that every Car Insurance companies look when calculating your premium car insurance rates, with this they will be able to figure out the risk for accidents based on the driving experience of the driver.

According to statistics, people who have more years of experience on the wheels are under less risk factor in getting into an accident and applying for an insurance claim. So which age group needs to pay the higher and what age groups are required to pay lower premiums?

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Let’s find the answer to the question in this detailed blog.

What is the Average Car Insurance Rates by Age?

After analyzing more than thirty Auto Insurance Companies quotes, it’s clear that the old age people and young aged people are experiencing to pay higher premium rates when considered to the middle-aged people.

There are many tools online to check out the Insurance companies quotes in your area. As per our analyzation with different tools, we have found that.

1. The teenagers are asked to pay three times the rate of a driver with a mid thirty age group, and four-time high when compared with a professional driver in mid-fifties.

2. Once teenagers become 25, their premium rates drop about 30%, and these rates get reduced with their every birthday, so as an overall people who are in their 50 to 60 age group, they experience to pay lesser premium rates.

3. Again the premium rate increases when their age rises above 60, they are asked to pay the same amount as per a teenager does.

In UAE, there are several factors that affect your car insurance rates namely

Drivers Age: The Drivers Age: If you fall under 23 to 25, then you will be added with 25% to the premium insurance cost, 15 % for the person who falls between 25 and 30. You get a discount of 10% if you fall in the age range of 30 and 60 years old.

Cost of the car: The average car insurance rate of a car that is more than 300,000 AED is 2.75% and 3% for the cars that range from 100,000 AED and 300,000 AED.

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Auto Insurance Rates as per the Gender

Gender is also considered as the primary factor when calculating the premium insurance rates, as per the research males are paying more than a female pays, and the rate gets differed as per the age.

Males are paying 12% higher than a women pays for their Auto Insurance, when compared this with the age group the auto insurance rate differ entirely.

For, e.g.: if men paid 20 % higher than the women at their age of 21, then at the age of mid group the female has to pay 2% higher than the men.

Why Old and Young Drivers pay higher for Auto Insurance?

In the case of teenagers, they are just likely to start with car driving and therefore considered to be the beginners, so in this case, there are high chances for them to get into the accidents or crashes when compared to the other age group persons.

The IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety) has reported that people who are in the age group of 16 to 19 have caused three times higher car accidents rather than middle age groups.

They also have identified that young people between the age group of 15 and 20 have resulted in 10% of the car accidents and among them, only 7% of the drivers are found with licenses.

In the case of age group between mid thirty to mid fifty are well experienced and are aware of handling the things even in the case of any accidents and therefore people in this middle group is liable to lower premium rates.

Next comes the older age people above 60, they get aged and therefore reverse change is seen on them as per the young people do, they lose the control at times, get nervous due to the BP and other factors, etc., this results in higher car accidents. Auto Insurance Companies start to increase the premium when the drivers become 70.

Tips to save money on Car Insurance – For young and old drivers

There is some reliable way through which you can lessen the car insurance rates namely.


One of the efficient money saving technique to reduce your insurance cost as a young or old driver. From our analyzing and research we found Erie to be the affordable Auto Insurer and GEICO to be the higher car insurer for young and old drivers.

You need to quotes from different companies, compare them and then choose the better one, few of the auto insurance companies provide a tool online to compare their price with other auto insurance companies.


As usual, Discounts are one of the strategies to decrease the premium rates of young and old drivers, and you can take many defensive driving courses or other similar ones for to get 10% discount for the younger people.

For senior drivers, people who are retired will automatically get a discount of 10% in some countries.

Combining with your Parents Auto Insurance Policy

We have found that you can join your insurance with your parents auto insurance policy to lessen the premium insurance rates, this is because parents are allowing you to take a risk on their side and therefore they are provided with fewer premium rates.

In this case, your parent’s policy premium rates will get increased than your insurance policy.

Following the above steps efficiently will help in getting few ideas regarding the lessen premium rates for older and young people.

Any other ideas to reduce the premium auto insurance rates for seniors and young drivers? Let us know through the comment section below so that we can add it in our blog.

10 Factors that affect your Car Insurance rates

Auto Insurance Tips

Car Insurance providers don’t provide you with the insurance rate of your vehicle. The auto insurance rate are calculated carefully considering many hypothetical factors namely your personal and other non-personal information like Age, Gender, Geographical Location, Marital Status, Driving Record, your Driving Experience, Claims History, the coverage of your previous insurances, credit history, the miles driven annually, vehicle use, deductibles, coverage, vehicle type, etc.

Each insurance company considers their preferred formula for rate variable calculations, and this is the main reasons for the variation in the insurance rate, they can even vary by hundred to thousand dollars.

According to J.D Power, the Consumer Research firm, most of the vehicle owners and drivers do not go for the right insurance policy they need, only 40 percent of them are switching to different policies in a year and those individuals are saving plenty of amount on the premium insurance plans annually.

The research has found that the car drivers are spending more money on their car insurance in the last few years, this can only be reduced if you are keen on selecting the right car insurance with mandatory factors.


● Ten things you need to be aware of while selecting your Car Insurance policy
● Your Address
● Different Car insurances and what type of coverage you need?
● The Credit Score
● Your Age
● Your Marital Status
● Your Vehicle Type
● How you have used your Vehicle
● Licensed Drivers
● Your Driving Record
● History of your Claims and the Prior History of your Insurance

Ten factors you need to be aware of while selecting your Car Insurance policy

Proceed below for the factors you need to be watching out while getting your vehicle insurance.

Your Address

The first important thing to note when getting an auto insurance plan is the address where you park your car, yeah the location has the significant impact on the premium car insurances.

Auto Insurance agents will prefer knowing about your neighborhood more than you know them, they will know about the number of persons living nearby your location, the crime rates happening around your place, the number of claims severity happening annually, the weather pattern in order to know the risk of natural calamities etc before providing you the car insurance rate.

Car Insurance rate can be found accurately with plenty of tools online, and they just ask your state Zip code for showing the results.

Different Car insurances and types of coverage you need

Most of the insurance agents and other experts will encourage getting the insurance coverage’s online as there are high chances for getting the insurance with low premium rates, the quotes of these premium differ even in hundreds and thousands due to the calculation factors of the insurance companies.

You can check out the insurers online and decide which would be the right car insurance for you in a couple of minutes, this not only makes your shopping easy but also saves a lot of money and time.

It’s okay if you change the premium car insurance once a year to experience the lower premium rates, shopping is most important in the case of an accident or ticket present in your record, and this can make you appealing to a different number of insurers agents.

Moving to a new location, getting married or having a driver will make your car insurance rate low, know your ideal limits of the car insurance policy you have chosen before gathering the quotes of different insurance companies.

The Minimum Liability Insurance rate will get varied based on the states you live, but will not have enough benefits to protect you completely. You should be aware in picking the car insurance with desirable benefits in a liability coverage of an insurance policy to safeguard you and your property when facing an accident or other issues like theft.

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Make sure you at least have 100/300/50 in your liability premium coverage insurance, to know more about these details have a look over this blog.

You should also have the comprehensive and collision insurance registered if you need your car repaired if it’s damaged or hit by third party vehicle, when damaged due to fire, theft, due to the natural calamities and other similar situations. You need the comprehensive car insurance for maintaining the value of your vehicle, and they can provide the amount neglecting the deductible if your car is under theft.

Going for higher deductible means you are saving more money, the deductible is possible with both collision and comprehensive auto insurances.

The Credit Score

Most of the insurer agents prefer to check out your credit score to calculate the car insurance rates, if you have a lower credit score then you will need to pay high whereas higher credit score means fewer premium rates.

Your Age

The age also has a more significant impact on the car insurance rates especially if you are in your twilight years or young. According to the IIHS ( Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), the fatal crash rate for young people is three times high when compared to the drivers above the age of 20 years.

The other side indicates that older drivers have faced with more accidents rather than the young age peoples, the fatal rate of this crashing during the crash increased day by day.

Your Marital Status

Statistic says that unmarried drivers have more accidents when compared to the married ones, in some insurance agencies married owners will be provided with fewer premium rates. You can get combines policies with your spouse to decrease the premium more.

Your Vehicle Type

What type of car you drive is also considered in calculating the auto insurance rates, the model of the vehicle will be noted for checking the claims record made by the vehicle. For, e.g., if any young aged drivers have faced more accidents with the same car type, then your premium rates will be high.

Make sure you have the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) with you when applying for the new plans.

How you have used your Vehicle

The vehicle you use will also have a significant impact on the premium rate calculation, and if you are using your vehicle for part time jobs like a delivery agent, then you need to disclose this to the insurer agent for making your premium lower.

Not disclosing the reason will result in denying of claim when faced with an accident or other issues.

Licensed Drivers

Make sure you list out every member who has a driving license in your family to the insurance agent when applying for the car insurance plans, omitting someone will lead to denied claims or cancellation of the insurance plan during an accident or other issues.

If you have taken a license for someone in your family after getting the coverage plan then make sure you add the teen name immediately to the list.

Your Driving Record

The critical factor for calculating the car insurance rate is knowing your driving record, and this will help the agent to understand about the risk of the driver quickly. They will check this record when you apply for the coverage or when renewing them.

If they found more violations in your driving record, then the premium car insurance rates will be desirably high. If you think you can provide the wrong information and if the company finds them then there are chances for your premium to increase to a high number.

History of your Claims and the Prior History of your Insurance

Not only tickets or accidents will increase your premium car insurance rates but also the claims can do it, yeah fault claims will result in high premium rates and this will get increased if they found the same error again.

For more information read our blog on Complete Guide on Car Insurance in UAE

Hope you check for the above factors before you apply for the car insurance and know the rates as per your requirements. Any other factors you know that has an impact on the premium car insurance rates? Let us know through the comment section below.

What does comprehensive Auto Insurance do

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive Auto Insurance, otherwise derived as the complete comprehensive cover is considered to be the top level insurance that offers maximum protection for your vehicle.

Comprehensive car insurance covers the damages made caused due to various aspects like vandalism, animal damage, theft, natural calamities, fire, falling objects, etc. except a car accident, and this varies based on the car you drive.

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The drivers of Financed or leased cars need to get this comprehensive car insurance to protect the car owner investment.

What are the things that Comprehensive Auto Insurance Covers?

Below are some of the factors that the insurance cover for your damages.

● Falling Objects

● Theft

● Hitting an Animal

● Fire

● Vandalism

● Natural Disasters namely Tornado, Hurricane, etc

● Glass Damage

● A Civil Disturbance namely Riot.

What does the comprehensive Insurance Policy does not cover?

Below are some of the factors that the comprehensive car insurance does not cover for your damages.

● Stolen property from your vehicle.

● Your car damage occurred due to a collision.

● Any third party car damage due to a crash.

● Medical Expenses of your passengers, legal fees, lost income.

What are the factors to consider while applying for the Comprehensive Car Insurance?

The comprehensive car insurance helps in paying for the accidents if you do not cause it or if it’s not proven that you have created the disaster. The covers also provide you peace of mind and complete protection when there is a considerable cost occurred for the repairs.

If you do not have this comprehensive cover, then you are the responsibility for all the damages financially.

Cost of Comprehensive Auto Insurance

The deductible amount and the cost of this comprehensive auto insurance range from $300 to $1000. A higher deductible indicated lower premium level, increasing your deductible can decrease your insurance premium by 20 to 40 percent.

Another factor that affects the rate of comprehensive car insurance includes the type of car your driving, and if your vehicle is in the history of higher repair costs or claims, then there are high chances for your premium to be increased. In the case of your car with all mandatory safety features like Anti0theft protection, then your vehicle will be eligible for discounts.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance – Working Mechanism

Let me explain the working process with an example.

Imagine your car was damaged in a fire accident and caused you about $5000 damage, the first step you do is claim the insurance policy.

You can file this online on any devices quickly, but some insurance agencies neglect online claiming so you need to ensure whether you can do it online or else go to the store and process the claiming.

In this case, let us imagine that you are having a deductible amount of $1000, then the remaining $5000 will be paid by your Insurance agents if you have a comprehensive auto insurance policy activated for your vehicle.

Few Comprehensive Auto Insurance Facts

● Your lender will ask you to go for comprehensive car insurance in the case of financing or leasing your car.

● The standard deductible from Comprehensive auto insurance is $5000.

● 75% of drivers prefer Comprehensive Auto Insurance.

● On an average rate, the cost of your comprehensive car insurance is about $22 per month.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance Vs Collision Car Insurance

So many car owners get confused with both Collision, and Comprehensive car insurances, both of them covers your car insurance, but the events differ entirely.

While considering Collision Insurance, they cover any accidents occurred whereas Comprehensive insurance covers factors that goes out of your control like anti-theft, natural calamities, etc.

For, e.g., hitting animals are done out of your control, and therefore this falls under comprehensive auto insurance category.

Is there any limit for the Comprehensive Insurance?

Depending on the Coverage Limits, the auto insurance agent pay the amount for the damages. So undoubtedly there is a limit for the Comprehensive Auto Insurance, this mostly depends on your car value, model number and other relevant factors regarding your vehicle.

In the case of your car is being stolen then your Auto Insurance agency will check for your car information like your car model, car value, history of your car likings, your driver records and other relevant things and then suggest a depreciated value for the damage.

If you are in the idea of replacing your car in the case of theft then you need to put extra money from your pockets, you can’t intimate your Auto Insurance agency to pay the full payment.

How likely can you claim Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

Not choosing comprehensive insurance means you are going to spend much money from your side for every damage caused by you without your control.

According to research, 10 % of progressive drivers have got benefited as they have claimed for this comprehensive car insurances but people with no comprehensive claims resulted in putting a high amount of money that they cannot imagine itself to put from their side. The average repair cost is about $1800.

What is the most common Comprehensive Claim yet now?

Most of the claims were due to the glass and the accidents caused by hitting animals like deer. Remember one thing that skipping comprehensive auto insurance policy means you are going to hook up a significant amount of money from your pocket for all the damages caused.

Why should you add endorsements to your Comprehensive Auto Insurance Policy?

Accident Forgiveness, Roadside Assistance, Rental Reimbursement, Towing, and Labor are some of the extra add-on endorsements you can try out along with comprehensive car insurance policy for lower premiums and lower spending of your pocket money.

You can avoid car accidents if you look after your driving habits, but what if the third party person causes an accident? These are something you will not be able to avoid, so sticking with excellent comprehensive auto insurance would be the wise choice to escape from these sort of mishaps.

Another critical thing to consider when getting comprehensive insurance is to choose them from the right Auto Insurance Agency, browse online for the excellent auto insurance agencies, compare four to five best companies and then go with the one that matches your budget and requirements.

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Hope you follow all the above factors before getting a comprehensive Auto Insurance Policy. Any other essential prospects we missed? Let you know through the comment section below so that we can add those in the list of comprehensive auto insurance benefits.