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Emirates announced extra flight operations for Hajj Travel

source:emirates 24/7

Emirates has announced 33 additional flight operations to the two cities – Jeddah and Medina from 6th August 2018 to 31st August 2018 to aid for the Hajj pilgrimage of citizens travelling from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These extra flights will run alongside the scheduled flights to the same destination. The special flight services are to be availed by citizens who hold a valid Hajj visa. Emirates announced that it is expecting pilgrims from the countries of Pakistan, Senegal, United States, UK, Australia, Indonesia, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

Adil Al Ghaith,Senior Vice President of Emirates said that they expects over 25000 pilgrims to take the journey of Hajj with them and that they are deploying extra flights to ensure seamless connections for the pilgrims flying across from various countries for this holy journey. He also said that Emirates promises to provide comfortable and best experience of travel owing to this significant period.

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Emirates has a set aside a team of helpers in Dubai to facilitate the Hajj passengers by setting aside dedicated check-in and transfer counter. Extra provisions have been made like performing ablutions, advising passengers about Al Miqat and Ihram to accommodate the Hajj passengers.

Benefits of having a credit card in Dubai

Credit card Dubai

The fast and luxurious lifestyle in Dubai warrants for credit cards.The UAE is one of the fastest growing economies, and this has increased the spending capabilities of all the citizens of the country.

The banks of UAE vie with one another to land more customers, and they present various benefits to attract customers. There are some credit cards in dubai with no annual fee such as the NBAD GEMS Titanium Credit Card, which offer benefits for a student enrolled in a GEMS school in the UAE.

Even though there is no annual fee, a monthly late fee of 250 AED is imposed on the customer that pays the bill late or pays an amount lesser than the minimum amount.

It is always a wise decision to choose a sensible limit on your credit card to prevent an exorbitant expenditure. A thorough comprehension of the fee requirements, deals, interest rates, and benefits of the credit card is necessary before opting for any credit card.

Here are some of the benefits of having a credit card.

Safer than Carrying Cash

Wallets have a low chance of being found again if stolen. If you had kept a significant amount of money in the wallet, it’s going to sting. A credit card, however, can be cancelled. Several credit card companies also offer various securities to protect you from fraudulent transactions.

Improved Standard of Living

Most of the citizens of the UAE have bank accounts which help them in managing their online assets and reap benefits such as interest and credit card facilities. The credit card helps you spend money with a limit beyond your savings which can be reimbursed by the end of the month. These cards can be used to pay merchants and obtain the required items on sale. However, this account comes with a credit line that ends once the credit limit expires. It is a revolving account, which means that there is a limit placed upon the expenditure through the credit card.

Cashback Benefits

With the extensive use of credit cards, several companies offer cashback offers on purchases using the card. This means that you will get a certain amount of cashback with every purchase at a grocery store, restaurant or retail outlet. This could be in the form of miles, rewards, bonuses and so on.

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Entertainment Activities:

Numerous credit cards in the UAE provide benefits that can help you stay entertained without having to exceed your budget. Travel companies, lifestyle stores, and other such companies will partner with credit card companies, giving you great offers. You can also avail discounts at cinema halls and restaurants, and get deals such as free valet parking at some locations.

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Interest-free period:

Most credit card companies in the UAE offer an interest-free period. This means that if you clear all dues in the appropriate time, you can enjoy a short-term credit. The ability to make emergency payments is excellent, and you will be able to pay it back when you receive your monthly salary.

Annual Fees:

Another great thing about credit cards in the UAE is that many of them do not charge a yearly fee. This can help save a few more AED every year. Additionally, it is also possible to get a credit card with an annual salary as low as AED 5000.

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Build a Good Credit History:

By using a line of credit to make purchases and also paying them in the stipulated time, one can build a good credit rating. This will enable you to have a higher chance of being sanctioned a loan at a low interest rate.

The numerous benefits of credit cards are often overlooked. As long as you have some control over spending habits, having a credit card is a convenient and useful way of making purchases and transactions.

Shop amongst the Skyscrapers: a weekend of excitement

C4B News

Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE), a Dubai tourism agency, has shared the best activities for shoppers to do during this weekend in Dubai.

Shower of discounts at City Walk:

DFRE has ranked the “City Walk” as the best destination for the weekend shopping. This weekend the shoppers can enjoy numerous discounts in the range of 15% – 25% in shops likeCoach, Armani Exchange, Rag& Bone, whistles, etc. Louzan and Cavalli class items in city walkare offering up to 50% discount on items.

The areas of fine dining and dessert are also offering many discount packages.The fun from shopping continues at the fun zone with discounts aplenty. City walk can now accommodate the shoppers up to 2am for this weekend.

A dive to remember at Dubai Marina Mall:

The Dubai Marina Mall has announced a beach party wherein customers who valiantly dive into a bit of balls and retrieve a golden ball could win 25,000 AED. All to be done is spending 100 AED for the entry. Each golden ball has some gifts from various retailers.

Fashion and Gaming at Dubai Mall:

Celebrity Make up artist- Charoette tilbury has arranged a team to show fashionistas the tricks of perfect make-up at Dubai Mall. A special Gaming-zone has been set up in Dubai Mall for gamers to compete for brand new PlayStation. Other than these, Football fans can win the crown of Dubai EA Sports FIFA at City centre Deira.

An Overview of the Low Interest Credit Cards in the UAE

Low interest credit cards

There are numerous banks that operate in the United Arab Emirates, more so than almost any other place in the world. This is because UAE is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and in terms of spending power ranks number one.

This is a primary reason why banks offer a host of credit cards to the people. There are many low interest Credit cards in UAE. Choosing one that suits your needs is something that requires a more thorough understanding.

A credit card is an electronic card issued to a user who can utilize it to make payments to merchants, regardless of the balance of the card. It works as a revolving account, where the bank offers the payment as an advance of sorts.

This means that a person can spend up to a certain credit limit without worrying about the payment. The bank also allows the payment to be given back after some time and does not necessarily needs to be the full amount.

These can be something as minor as the type of rewards system that the card gives. This can be a cash back offer or an air miles system or even a points system.

Other factors can be extremely crucial, such as the interest rate which is applicable each month. Of all the other factors this is the most important one, as one need to be aware of their spending and the interest incurred.

The rate is usually somewhere between 1-3% and in some cases can be over 3%. The usage of the card is dependent on the person and as time passes, the interest rate can be a bit problematic.

Of all the offerings out there, one must be aware of the cards and banks which offer the least interest on their cards. Here is a list of some of the best ones on offer, whose rates are low and the cards come with a ton of benefits:

Low Interest Credit Cards Minimum Salary  Major Benefits

CBD World Master Card


AED 100000


Lowest Interest Rate of 1.5%, air miles, travel packages, 24hr services, access to airport lounges worldwide, free travel insurance, visa fast-tracked.


AMEX The American Express Gold Card


AED 23000


No pre-set spending limit, interest rate is 0, lot of rewards.


Dubai Islamic Bank Johra Gold Premium Credit Card


AED 5000


1.95% interest rate, no annual fee, cashback offers, can withdraw 80% of the credit limit in cash.

CBD World Master Card: A super premium offering from the Commercial Bank of Dubai, this card is meant for the elite. With a minimum salary requirement of 100000 AED, it is reserved for those who can afford a life of luxury.

This card also offers one of the lowest rates, of just 1.5%. This speaks volumes about the usefulness of such a card.

There are more features, such as air miles, travel packages, 24hr services and a very high spending limit and exclusive access to airport lounges worldwide.

One also gets a free insurance whenever one purchases tickets using this card. A special service is that a holder of this card can get their visa fast-tracked; countries such as UK, Australia and others.

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AMEX The American Express Gold Card: A premium card whose, minimum salary requirement is a hefty 23000 AED. This card from American Express offers a suite of features, which are unmatched by other cards.

This card is a charge card, which means there is no pre-set spending limit and the most astounding feature is that the interest rate on this card is zero. The spending allows the user to repay the amount in whatever form they can. One can also get a lot of rewards including flights and upgrades.

The only downsides would be the international rate of 2.8% and an annual fee of 600 AED. Considering all the factors this is the most ideal card one can get their hands on. The benefits of this card far outweigh the disadvantages.

Dubai Islamic Bank Johra Gold Premium Credit Card: A card which has one of the lowest rates on offer of just 1.95% interest. There is no annual fee on the card and it comes with a lot of cashback offers. One can also withdraw 80% of the credit limit as a cash advance.

The salary requirement of the card is also quite low at just 5000 AED. For every purchase, 1% can be used to put to redeem flights and hotel bookings. The only drawback would be that the repayment period is just 20 days. With the low rates, however, this is not much of a problem.

A credit card can be a great tool, one can use it to aid in simple financial situations and it can also be of help when one is in a sticky scenario. The UAE has many banks, which offer credit cards, so it is important that one find a suitable system and use the card only based on needs.

All one needs to do is keep in mind the importance of not falling into a debt trap; other than that a wise use of credit cards is always of great advantage. In a place like the UAE, its importance is rather understated.

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Smart Parking Meter : Issue e-ticket for Dubai vehicles without hassle

parking meter

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai, launches new smart parking meters as a pilot project at Al Jafiliya, next to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) headquarters in Dubai.

The new parking meter needs details of the car plate number and duration of parking to be entered via a digital touch screen, shown as below:

Once the details are entered, a payment method is selected from the options of coins or card. The machine generates an e-ticket and a paper receipt which need not be placed on the vehicle, as was done previously. Below is an image of the paper receipt generated via the smart parking meter:

E-tickets were generated before the new parking meter via “mParking” or “RTA’s App”. However, unlike the new parking meter, they did not require the user to enter the vehicle’s plate number. The presence of a vehicle number specific to a parking ticket ensures that the ticket can be used by only that vehicle and cannot be shared.

The renewal details of the new parking tickets are still not clearly designed as RTA hopes to better the process by adopting smart technologies.

The Smart Parking Scanners launched earlier by RTA have been working effectively. They have significantly reduced the human errors caused in the validation of expiry of a parking ticket by simply scanning the vehicles.

Recent News: Drop in fuel prices from july


Drop in fuel prices in UAE for the month of July

latest uae news

A cut down in fuel price is announced by the Ministry of Energy and Industry and it will come into effect from July. The price is inclusive of VAT.

The new per-litre prices are Super 98 at Dh2.56 (earlier it was Dh2.63) and Special 95 at Dh2.45 (earlier it was Dh2.51)

There will be no changes in Diesel price. It is fixed at Dh2.66 per litre.

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The luxury of Loans- no more for a ‘Bill Slacker’


Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB) has informed to link the utility bills to the credit score of a UAE resident. Those who are slacking off with the payment of utility bills will no longer be able to access personal or auto loans, mortgages and credit cards from banks.

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During a panel discussion hosted by Dubai-based bank Emirates NBD on personal finance, Daniele Lavalle, head of product development and data operations, AECB, said that in the future, utility bills, rents, and tenancy contacts will also be a major part of the credit score.

Lavalle explained that maintain a good credit score will solve any futuristic loan troubles. He pointed out that the youth of the nation often forget about their credit cards thus obtaining a bad credit score. He urged them to rectify the situation.

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Lavalle also mentioned that the credit history of any UAE resident in their previous country will not be considered while calculating your current credit score with any bank of UAE.

The Dream Train: A jet on wheels taking just 12 minutes from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.


A High-speed Hyperloop train that travels at a speed of 700mph connecting Dubai with Abu
Dhabi is set to reduce the travel time from the current 90 minutes to just 12 minutes.

This work of innovative technology that uses vacuum tube-based transport is estimated to save$800 million in lost working hours.

Dubai Media office tweeted a video of first pod prototype of Dubai’s latest Hyperloop- that is ajet on wheels travelling at the speed of 1,200 kph (about 745 mph).

The Dubai Media Office released a couple of other related tweets as below:

In April, DP world (Dubai based Ports operator) announced it would partner up with Virgin
Hyperloop One to build ultra-high-speed cargo delivery systems around the world.

This newly merged company would be named as DP World Cargospeed.The announcement was made in front of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid AlMaktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Richard Branson,the British entrepreneur who is chairman of Virgin Hyperloop One, and Sultan Ahmad BinSulayem, the chairman and CEO of DP World.

Burj Khalifa turns into big screen for Fifa World Cup


Tallest free-standing structure in the world- “Burj Khalifa turns into big screen for fifa world cup ”

The Burj Khalifa tallest building in the world with 63 floors located above the ground and it has only one floor located below the ground. It has world records for: ‘tallest free-standing building’,‘highest occupied floor’, ‘highest number of stories’, ‘longest travel distance elevators’, ‘tallest service elevator’ and ‘second highest outdoor observatory deck’, etc.

Burj Khalifa used its lights for a lot of special events to the nation- showing light shows, national flags, welcoming new years, special persons, movie releases, etc.

The tower always wants to give respect and also entertaining their people by showing special moments. Finally, it reaches to as a scoreboard for FIFA world cup. Burj will show a live stream of FIFA, which is taking place in Russia for the football fans in UAE. Tower turns into a giant LED scoreboard for this wonderful 2018 FIFA World cup and shows the flag of the winning nation by its lights.

Compare Credit cards in Dubai and UAE | Money Clinic

UAE Credit Cards

Credit Card: A Critical Tool in Today’s World

The United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s fastest-growing markets, in terms of spending and tourism. Therefore, the competition amongst the banks is quite stiff.

Many offer a host of different credit cards, with different types of benefits .The consumer is spoilt for choice in this scenario.Comparing credit card in UAE is quite easy, and one just needs to inquire the banks for their offers and benefits and one is assured to get a long list of cards.

The comparison can be very user dependent; each user has their choices, and a list of things they do often.We live in a digital world nowadays and almost all our assets exist online.Bank accounts are made specifically for that purpose.

One of the many benefits of keeping all the money in digital form is that one can use cards to pay merchants. The most commonly used card is called a credit card, which is, basically, a card which allows users to pay the merchant without the need for a balance on the account.

The bank essentially lends the money to the account; one also does not have to pay the full used amount and can instead pay a nominal fee or something which would be suitable for them.

The account is essentially a revolving account, which means that the line of credit supplied to the user is limited and they can spend within that limit, as long as it is paid back.

The main advantage is that credit cards also come with numerous offers and rewards. Find best credit card offers in UAE

These can range from cashback to points programs to air miles and so much more. The working of these systems can be sometimes complicated in the case of points systems and be fairly straightforward in case of cashback cards.

A combination of both works very well and can be extremely advantageous. There are certain cards which allow the user to take up whatever rewards system they would like to use.

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Before one makes the dive and decides to get a credit card, there are certain things that one must consider. Banks usually have a very specific salary requirement for cards; it depends on the level of cards.

The higher the salary, the better card one is eligible for and the better the card, the more extravagant the benefits.

For more information read our blog on things to consider when choosing credit card in Dubai

The only slight drawback is that the, for whatever amount the person spends, he has to pay back a rate of that spending. This is the most important thing to look out for when looking at which credit card are the most suitable.

The rate usually fluctuates between 1-3% and the higher it is; the more disadvantageous it is to the user. There is also a minimum monthly deposit, which comes to around 5% of the total spend.

Most banks also charge an annual fee on users; this can be a deal breaker for some as they are already spending a big portion of their credit limit. Some banks do not have any fee and often waive it if the user spends a certain amount in a year.

Some cards which are loaded with features are:

CBD e-Tijari Web Card:

A card designed just for online shopping; instant signup can redeem the user 750 AED and is free of charge for the first year. One also gets loyalty points for all their spending and which can be exchanged for cash back or air miles.

Another great benefit of this card is that there are no annual fees associated with it. One can also set their credit limit and this is especially helpful if the card is designed to help out as a secondary card and one does not need to keep a big ceiling.

RAKBANK Titanium Credit Card:

A cashback and discounts card, the offering from RAKBANK is helpful in redeeming a galore of special prices and cash back offers. Its main benefit is that one can withdraw up to 80% of the credit limit as a cash advance.

The only drawback would be the high-interest rate of 3.19%. Yet the sheer number of discounts and cash back offers across all purchases make up for the high rate of interest. There is also no annual fee that is applicable to this card. The points one earns can also be expended for air miles instead.

These are just two of the many cards on offering from various banks; they come with a host of advantages and as one climbs up the ladder, these benefits just increase. Learn more about Low interest credit cards in UAE.

Credit cards are extremely helpful and in times of need or sticky situations, they can be a lifesaver. In an economy where we like to spend and live a good life, these cards are the most important resource one could have. Their usefulness and handiness can go a long way and in the long term can be beneficial in helping save money. To know about more credit cards in UAE , refer our blog List of Credit cards in Dubai .